110V/230V DIN Rail temperature controller with probe support cooling/heating SN93

These days I was make with cooling with temperature controller SN92 is similar to temperature controller TMC-6000 (Geekteches). In this article to read where you buy it,how to set and my review with pros and cons.

Pros is:

  • Thermal probe can be extended
  • NO and NC relay outputs
  • Suitable for US 110V and EU230V

Con is:

  • Litle unstable measurement value float +-0.2°C range decimal value

Review conclusion:

The price of the device is OK it is about 15 -18 usd. Temperature controler support cooling and heating and and has relay NO NC terminals. I recommend heating or cooling where you need accuracy up to 1°C temperature flies + -0.2°C this is this is the biggest minus.

Detailed description of temperature controller DIN Rail temperature controller

Now I will describe thermostat and control , i will try to describe accurately.The device SN93 includes five main components:f

  1. The display is red, it shows three digits, the amount of 1 cm and length of 2.3cm.Clearly shows the temperature value withe the one decimal place.
  2. Below the display are three buttons which control the thermostat SN093. First buton is “SET”  with next two buttons are arrow up and arrow down are used for menu navigation increasing or decreasing values
  3. Below the buttons is black one way relay to turn on or off an electrical circuit.. The relays can switch from AC circuits suitable for US 110V or EU 230V.
  4. Green terminal has two terminals for power source 110 or 230V Neutral wire is conect directly to “output neutral wire, other NO a NC terminals can give AC voltage (after closed).
  5. The sensor for the temperature controller SN093 is placed in a simple white socket.It is about 80 cm long with active gap on end.Type of temperature sensor is clasic NTC 10K 0.5% .
  6.  Red LED near the temperature sensor shows whether the relay is open or closed. (When LED light is NO terminal closed and N)

Manual guide how to set SN93 temperature controller

Technical parameters:

  • Material: Metal + PCProbe Model: Water Drop Probe
  • Installation Mode: Standard DIN rail installation or fixed installation
  • Display: 22 * 11mm 3 Digits LED Display
  • Power Supply: ADC 110-240V
  • Power: 2W
  • Buttons: Press-type Membrane Keypad
  • Input: One-way (10K)NTC thermistor temperature sensor output, measuring range of -50 Celsius ~120 Celsius
  • Output:
    1. One-way relay NO Touch-spot is for refrigerating output and NC Touch-spot is for heating output.
    2. The current capacity of the output Touch-spot is 5A of restrictive load and 1A of inductive load. It can control the 1000W electrical heating or electrical motor or water pump of 200W. AC contactor is needed to enlarge the capacity for greater load.
  • Working Temperature: -10 Celsius~50 Celsius
  • Measuring Range: -50 Celsius~119 Celsius
  • Temperature Control Return Difference: 1~30 Celsius
  • Delay Time: 0~300S
  • Deviation Correction: -25~25Celsius
  • Item Size: 93 * 55 * 44mm / 3.66 * 2.17 * 1.73 inch
  • Item Weight: 84g / 2.96oz

Package List: 
1 * Temperature Controller
1 * NTC(10K) Temperature Sensing Line
1 * User Manual

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  1. Sorry, but the elctric same is bad.
    The NO OR NC AND the N need to the load for heater OR cooler settings.
    These together use is not well.

    Best regards

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