36V/48V Huawei e-bike controller 350W review / manual

In this article i detailed describe 36V/48V e-bike controller with huawei sticker , it is from aliexpress and maybe not original huawei, but it works well like other control units. I will describe more in the review and manual.

In the review, you will learn the pros and cons of the controller, instructions on how to connect, working with the application, all technical parameters.

Price and buy

350W controller can buy from “Zemake store” from AliExpress,22USD is adequate price for what it offers, including postage to my country. You can buy similar 350W 48V/36V control units on ebay and amazon, but this piece is somewhat original in terms of price, function and dimensions..

Huawei controller from zemake shop

My review

As I already mentioned in the price and purchase section, the control unit has an interesting ratio of price, size, function and performance ,The control unit is small in size 90*55*30mm (only case- add count on a place for wires)

For me, as a repairman, it is nice that the control unit supports both 36V and 48V batteries.

The stated power of 350w is enough for 25km/h but be careful, the second data, the maximum electric current, says about 14-16 Amps, that means approx. 550w with a 36V battery and also 720W with a 48V battery.Small engines can have problems with excess heat – when driving uphill.

I also appreciate the support for running without hall sensors, if the hall sensor is broken, most of the control units cannot start the e-bike.

I also appreciate the support for running without hall sensors, if the hall sensor is broken, most control units cannot start the e-bike, this control unit has no problem, it probably has a useful algorithm in it.

The advantage is that the control unit supports both PAS and the throttle It is advantageous if you service electric scooters and electric bikes, in scooters the throttle is most often used, and in electric bikes the pedal assistant part is used.

  • By the way, I have a tip for adding an accelerator handle, it has a voltmeter and an on/off switch.

Other functions will come in handy, for example, the three-speed switch can be used as a limiter for an electric scooter for children,cruise control is fine,learn white cable increases compatibility with HUB motors. The connector for the brakes is standart, but also the output for the lights is more in the manual. Switch on /off is clasic like as other controllers but this controller can plug alarm and display instrument.

The electronics in the regulator are protected, the outputs from it are waterproof, but the control unit is not for underwater operation.

Sealed wires from controller

Here is pros:

  • Support for both 36V and 48V PAS as well as the addition handle
  • It works even without halls, that’s useful
  • Small dimensions are fine, but they also have a disadvantage in heat dissipation
  • Cruise control, brake light support, alarm, and engine detection

Here is cons:

  • In uphill, heat dissipation can be critical for a small control unit.
  • I don’t know if you will be able to get a display that you can connect

The control unit has no fundamental faults, the functions are substantial and the processing is good for 25 usd even with postage you get a good piece if you don’t expect very high performance.The control unit can give 500w at 36V and 700W at 48V, that’s enough.

Manual wiring instructions for 36V48V e-bike controller

Photo of the connectors to the control unit

There are several similar control units with similar functions, but the manual refers to the control unit marked as “Huawei”.

Here is wiring of controller:

  • Battery power supply 36V / 48V Red + and black – ! you must not mix them up when powering up!
  • Activation of the control unit – switch, by connecting the wires you turn on the control unit for connecting, you can use the switch
  • Power cables to HUB engine, thick blue, green,yelow.
  • Purple instrumentation line
  • Red Blue Green Red Black + Anti theft alarm and power for anti theft
  • The three-speed switch can be used as a speed limiter, for example, with a children’s electric scooter
  • Black Blue Brake connector for connecting brake levers
  • Connector for throtle accelerator pink +5V green signal black -5V
  • The three-speed switch can be used as a speed limiter, for example, with a children’s electric scooter (Black,blue,yelow)
  • The cruise control by connecting the gray and black wire is the cruise control activated when driving with a manual accelerator. It is deactivated either by disconnecting it or by using the brakes, when using it, it must be switched on with a switch
  • Hall sensors from the motor (red +5V, minus 5V, blue, green, yellow signal) if you have damaged Hall sensors in the motor, do not connect this connector, the control unit will work fine without them.
  • PAS pedaling sensor conect to Black ,red (or pink),yelow
  • The “teaching” cable during the first motor test helps determine the correct direction of motor rotation and phasing. 1) connect the two white wires 2) Turn the accelerator or PAS 3) If the motor rotates correctly, disconnect the wires 4) If the motor rotates incorrectly, rotate the motor again, the direction of rotation will change, then disconnect the connector.
  • High Brake Brake signal after pressing the brake lever and it shows voltage + on the connector

Technical parameters:

  • Casing material: Aluminium 
  • Size: approx. 90*55*30mm 
  • Rated voltage: DC 36V/48V 
  • Rated power: 350W 
  • Current: 14-16A 
  • Applicable model: electric bicycle, electric scooter.  
  • Feature: Anti-coaste, overcurrent protection.
  •  Automatic identification the 36V and 48V . 
  • Automatic identification the Hall sensor .
  •  Automatic identification the Phase angle of 60 degrees and 120 degrees. Low level/E-ABS brake. 
  • High level/E-ABS brake. 
  • Brushless motor controller. 

If you have question add commet , thanks

2 thoughts on “36V/48V Huawei e-bike controller 350W review / manual”

  1. Hi. I came across your page. Randomly
    I’m from Los Angeles. And I’m glad I ran into your page. As I purchased the ridestar x20 which is the same bike as yours and I believe there are other brands. But most likely they are all built
    In guondong,China. Love the bike.
    Here is what I’m doing. Got a second battery. Same as the one on the bike. A dual battery fusion splitter. Now I’m brainstorming the positioning of the second battery and the slide tune and all. Question – do I need to upgrade anything else ? The controller ?

  2. Hello,
    I can not us the PAS function !

    – Everything works well with throttle accelerator function
    – With PAS connected when it turns (pedals), I can see the LED on the PAS light On and Off and electric pulses on signal wire (Yellow blue) ‘BUT’ the wheel is not driven by the controller !
    What are the connections to do to activate PAS function ?
    Thanks for your help

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