Best car plug voltmeter for battery measurement

In this In this article, you will learn all about all about the voltmeters tested in the cigarette lighter- “car plug”. I will introduce a few proven types ,you will learn their pros and cons.

First, why measure the voltage of a car battery?

Low voltage = do not start the car

If you have an older battery and you are not sure of its power (capacity), If you have an older battery and you are not sure of its strong (capacity), it is advisable to find out its condition Here is table for “good” or bad “voltage” for car battery.

You can also easily test the alternator charging after starting, the voltage will increase to 13.6V to 14.8V.

I will write more info about battery status detection and tests next time I will now describe a Good models I sell and tested for 12V cars or 24V trucks. I have tested more than about 2000 models and here is my experience:

How do I rate voltmeters?

With more than 2,000 voltmeters tested, I know their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Accuracy is important, it’s nice if the voltmeter is accurate to 0.1V in the whole range.
  • Stable measurement, the measured voltage must not jump on the display.
  • It must not broken on work, for example, the display must work 100%, and the digits must not go out on their own.
  • Additional features such as temperature measurement or a USB charging connector are a plus.

I started with this basic voltmeter model:

  • Basic Voltmeter technical parameters
  • Powered by car cigarette lighter charger (DC 12~24 V)
  • When engine running (do not drive),the LED dispaly:
  • Between 13.5 TO 14.5 (12V CAR)
  • Between 26.0 TO 28.0 (24V CAR)
  • With the engine off, and nothing turned on,the LED dispaly:
  • Greater than 12.0 (12V CAR) OR 24.0 (24V CAR)(for reference only)
  • Measuring range :  DC 8V-30V±%1.2
  • Installation: insert the jack of the product into a cigar socket
  • LED Display Cigarette Lighter Electric Voltage Meter For Auto Car Battery
  • Car battery voltage display
  • With high brightness of LED(light-emitting diode) there is no difficulity in seeing the display.
  • With high brightness of LED there is no difficulty in seeing the display
  • This digital gauge displays the voltage of batteries in the car.
  • Installment:
  • Clean the cigar socket.
  • Insert the jack of the product into a cigar socket.