breakfast if we need to lose weight?

Breakfast is the basis on which it is known but true sentence. If you do not have breakfast because of that you have to get up at 4.30 o’clock in the morning, it’s not so bad as when you skip breakfast and you can snack on some 10.hodine morning and start bacon, bean or different unfit sweets that still fills up, supply energy but only for a limited time, when you do not use them properly, you will be saved in the body fat and as a consequence, they recruit. However, if do not have breakfast on the sole ground that they do not have time, so get up 10 minutes earlier.
If you have not neraňajkovali, it’s time to start sooner Breakfast. Only if you want to lose weight, but also if you want to be a vital and full of energy throughout the day.

After we sleep in the body of low blood sugar, a few vitamins, nutrients and other substances needed. If your breakfast can add the missing substance after day, that morning actually can do much more easily than without breakfast.

Thanks breakfast foodstuffs begin to have accelerated metabolism, promotes better digestion, you will feel good not only mentally but also physically.


Skipping meals (of course this includes breakfast) and irregular meals slows metabolism. Research has shown that people who regularly eat, have less body fat. In weight loss and overall recommendation to eat five smaller meals throughout the day, or eating three large meals with two snacks per day.


What do you give for breakfast?

Breakfast should be light but yet saturated. No refined sugars in the form of sweets or chocolate cheerios or fruit tyčieniek topped with yogurt presledeným normally get buy for a few cents and you can think that it’s cheap, healthy, and it’s also suitable for breakfast. After all, the muesli is not risen. Here, however, after careful what muesli fathoms. In truth, one can gain from anything you eat as energy from food not used and will spend the whole day lounging and doing nothing, no movement and exercise.

A couple of quick tips for breakfast:

I like the granola that you prepare at home alone from oatmeal, fruit, yogurt / milk. Only 100 g of basic oatmeal will supply more than 50% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin B1 and 15% of folic acid, 250% of manganese; also are full of minerals – iodine, selenium, iron, magnesium …


For breakfast it is appropriate fruits such as orange. Oranges comprise about 80% of water, potassium, calcium, magnesium, silicon, citric acid and other fruit acids, vitamin A, B and C, carotenoids (provitamin A), vitamin B1 and B2. Eating oranges can improve well-being. It contains a reasonable amount of sugar that the body easily absorbed and is suitable for diabetics.


Suitable breakfast as well as the šalátik: sliced mozzarella cheese, olives, veggie – pepper red, green or orange and tomato.


More tips for tasty and healthy breakfasts include:

Whole Wheat Bread with curd cheese and chives

Probio yogurt with oatmeal and apple pieces

Whole wheat bread with ham or egg, tomato, pepper


And we should not forget the adequate intake of fluids, the best tap water or freshly squeezed juice from fruit or herbal teas.

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