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A fresh, provocative and inspiring book of American self-made man confesses only one rule: if you want to succeed in life and business, all rules must be violated. Each chapter of his bestseller question the traditional assumptions of business success and bring countless more well-known and lesser-known examples of successful “alternative” strategies of the business world. Translation from English Ales Lisa.

The “rules” we meet everywhere. Rules governing the activities of governments and our personal lives, the rules we bring faith, education and training. The rules tell us how to live, work and even how we love. No one, therefore, certainly not surprising that there are dozens of books containing various rules that we show step by step how to successfully deal in many a situation. But are all these books really worth reading? Are all these rules really helpful?


American self-made millionaire Dan S. Kennedy, in his book How to Succeed in Business violation of the rules of good (It was published by Management Press, paperback., 194 pp., RRP £ 210, from the English. Orig. Trans. A. Lisa) deprives tinsel many myths, prejudices and good principles on achieving success. Kennedy argues that it is sufficient to know only one rule: rules are made to be broken. While traditional wisdom says – by Kennedy – a lot of what man will live well, but only rarely advises him how to actually achieve.
dan s kenedy
Kennedy readable, inspiring, provocative and practically oriented book in which they are presented invaluable “kontrariánské” strategy – in the words of the author – fully guaranteeing prosperity, whereas such advice does not hold back:

* Forget everything you who ever said about positive thinking – blind, unreasoning optimism may actually jeopardize your chance of success.
* Important and not insignificant features for the success of the arrogance and self-assertion.
* Try to wherever it is possible, that the work is the same as you pleased.
* For this to make money, you do not need money badly.
* Modesty and humility can be admired by monks, but is not lawful businesses.
* Plague and smallpox for creativity! Copy and imitators, if you want to quickly and indecently rich quick!
* If after someone throws a stone, you never throw it really bread?
* Why should you believe that you can not get rich quick? Appeals to you more idea to get rich slowly?
* Why should a customer always right? Some customers are absolutely unbearable and causes nothing but trouble.
* Do you think that without higher education today will not enforce – or do you?

The book How to Succeed in Business violation of the rules of good is literally “loaded” real life stories of people who refused to accept the traditional practices and – in the best traditions of American individualism, freedoom love and desire for independence – decided not to wait for a miracle and to seek excuse for anything not, who decided to go their own way: search and create their unique business opportunities and successfully use them.
You can read here, of course, the incredible journey to success, which the author himself has passed, you will be enthralled true and inspiring story of Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas and basketball star Dennis Rodman. They are all shining examples of people who took their own lives into their own hands and were extremely successful – more than they expected.
No coincidence that the author gets so also the story Nolan Bushnell, one of the founders of the company Atari, which was among the first to successfully own business in today extremely successful computer games industry. He started out with 500 dollars to four years later, the Company sold to Warner for $ 28 million. Enough to do, as he says, the only – “lift butt off the chair and do nothing.”
Probably the most fitting metaphor of “alternative” (or “kontrariánské” if we are) successful strategy example intransigent refusal conventional “wisdom” and “best” approaches typically selects Kennedy from the world of sports “back” style high jump Dick Fosburyho to be taken by the magazine time of his time as “absurd technique high jump, as was ever used.” Fosbury did not give up and not be discouraged by contemporary disputes and discussions, whether the “flop” in accordance with applicable regulemi jumping competition – award him the gold medal in the high jump at the Olympic Games in Mexico City (1968).

The book How to Succeed in Business violation of the rules of good is serious, unconventional, open and uninhibited written guide on the path to achieving real success from the pen of acclaimed and criticized the lecturer, author and entrepreneur. In his book, see what you like in any school certainly never learn.

Dan S. Kennedy is a major American entrepreneur, lecturer and author of many successful books on the bestseller charts always appear at the forefront. He is president of marketing firm Empire Communications Corporations and Companies LifeTech Broadcasting Corporation as a leader in the production of teleshopping programs and videos. His lectures annually visited by over 200,000 listeners.

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