Do not buy this 36V Li-ion charger! destroys the battery

If you don’t want to destroy your battery on the electric-bike scooter and hoverboard read the following lines

On Ebay or Aliexpress can buy cheap 6-10USD charger for Li-ion battery, i buy for my serviceĀ and I was happy al chargers worked very well.The last pieces started to show an error –instead of the output voltage of 42V * chargers give 92V such a voltage can damage the BMS circuit or destroy the cells.

I dismantled one of the chargers, the electric circuit has no trimmer or switch for voltage selection, so the voltage is fixed.

*All 36V if the li-ion battery has a charging voltage of 42V so you need to look for chargers with an output voltage of 42V. (also dont use charger for Lifepo4 or lead acid SLA chargerĀ  end voltage have higer about 43,8V )






2 thoughts on “Do not buy this 36V Li-ion charger! destroys the battery”

  1. So can you use a 36V charger if the original charger that comes with your ebike has an output of 42v?

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