DTC1201 Wifi temperature controller with Tuya APP

If you need a temperature controller with a display that you can control manually using the wifi internet application DT1201, it will be a good choice.In this article, you will read the pros and cons of the device how to plug and set up and where to buy it.

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Price and buy

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Complete technical parameters

And you need a thermostat that you can control via the Internet Android iOS application but also manual buttons directly on the temperature controller DTC1201 has both options. You will get to know the extended model STC-1000 and wifi Sonoff TH 16 (sonoff switch is here described) this two devices combine in DT1201 is in the simplicity of STC-1000 with wifi possibility of control via application by Tuya.

Price and buy:

This product can buy on amazon , ebay and aliexpress is about 20usd include shipping is adequate.

DTC1201 price on Aliexpress

My complete review:

More details is on how to set i described below in the manual.The pros are a display that shows the current temperature in real time, a temperature sensor on the cable (you can customize it).


  • Display with real value.
  • Two relays one cooling, one for heating.
  • Precise temperature setting after 0.1 ℃
  • Temperature calibration for the highest accuracy
  • Free Tuya mobile app
  • You can switch on the thermostat via the Internet, set the temperature and all other functions via the application


  • First time installation may be difficult (see)
  • Does not have a timer at least the application could have a timer


DTC1201 temperature controller is good choice , cost price is about 15 usd is good price for wifi temperature regulator. Device has no serious faults or errors.

DTC1201 is suitable use: Poultry hatcheries, incubator and pet breeding, greenhouse temperature monitoring, and other temperature control options.
Use for heating: home heating, hot water heating, solar heating.
Use for cooling: refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning, ventilation.

Wiring diagram and manual:

F1: SET GOAL  temperature :  pusch SET button again and here see  currently set temperature , If you want to change it, press SET again with the up or down arrow (whether or not you want to increase or decrease the temperature). Remember SET + arrow 

F2: Hysteresis od sleewe range :  in manual called “Difference set value ” is gap when booth relay turn off…For example, if you set 1 degree

When the temperature is raised to a target temperature of, for example, 30 degrees of the relay for heating, it is switched off , If the temperature rises further and exceeds 31 degrees, the cooling relay switches on.

F3:Compressor delay time: time for wait after reach goal temperature , if you set 3 min temperature controller wait 3 min , after 3 min turn on relay.

F4:Temperature calibration: You can make the Stc-1000 very accurate, just compare the temperatures with a verified thermometer (best compare at the target temperature) you can increase or decrease the temperature after 0.1C steps.

Wifi setings

  • Best if you have a wifi router at home with internet connection
  • DTC1201 Wifi temperature controller must be within range of the wifi router (range can be verified by mobile phone) or even better thermostat pairing at the router
  • Instal Tuya App to phone here can you find Google play store
  • Add device manualy in you app choose in “Sensors folder” option „Temperature and humidity sensor“
  • Then for 10 seconds turn off termperature controller and turn on again after next 10 seconds
  • Touch arows button up and down in same time the blue LED starts flashing with green
  • DTC1201 pair with you app

Technical parameters:

  • Name: smart WiFi temperature controller
  • Model: DTC-1201
  • Power supply voltage: AC110 ~ 230V or 12-72V (depend on version)
  • Temperature range: -40℃ ~ + 99℃
  • Measurement accuracy: +/- 1C (-40℃ ~ + 70℃)
  • Detection line length: 100cm
  • Temperature control size: 93 x 56 x 34mm
  • Output capacity: 10A ~ 250VAC
  • Product Weight: 91g
  • Sensor: NTC Sensor (Accuracy: +/- 0.1℃)
  • colour: black + white
  • Material: ABS

Package Contents:
1 x DTC-1201 WIFI Thermostat
1 x NTC Sensor
1 x English Manual

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