ENGWE Engine Pro repair and review this ebike

An interesting electric bicycle, which I would characterize as an off-road foldabe ebike. I had the opportunity to take a closer look at how the electric bike from “Bangood” looks.

First the fix

Engwe EP-2 PRO ENGINE pro showed error 24 on the display. I found out that it is the engine or the hall sensors. And yet it was. If this is fixed, the e-bike can work as before. When an e-bike breaks down, the advantage/disadvantage of online shopping from China becomes apparent.

The advantage is that failures can be easily corrected. You can buy parts on Aliexpress or Banggood. Such e-bikes work with most RJs, you just need to know a little.


Positive features:

  • Massive frame with the possibility of folding
  • Nice design
  • Good performance

Negative features:

  • It would need a Bafang mid-engine version
  • PAS screws and the like need to be fine-tuned
  • Higher weight – could be expected
  • If you order from Chinese e-shops, don’t expect a warranty, but you can buy parts at a good price and repair the e-bike.

After the repair, I did a test. At first I wanted to test the Engwe only on the straights because it has a hub motor, but I noticed that it goes quite well. So I tried the hill that I have near my house and headed for the lookout.

I helped along the route with the pedals, the display shows a consumption of 700 w and I pedal on a light gear – comfortable. We put it to the test, the ENGWE ENGINE PRO model did it. The battery showed the status in % on the display, it did not decrease under load (status 71%), which is good.

Both the PAS and the lever responded, the pedal assistant needs to fine-tune the start and coasting so that when I stop turning the pedals, it stops immediately. In my case, he assisted a little, that bothered me.

My take on ENGINE PRO

If you want a folding bike that belongs to the more powerful and faster models Engine Pro with a large 48V 16Ah battery. The robust design with the possibility of folding is definitely a plus.

I can put a lot of luggage on a strong carrier and go camping. As for the engine, it’s a classic – HUB is similar to Samebike’s on the hill, you need help – the design will give the impression that it will tear the asphalt from the road.

If I had to decide between it and Samebike, I would take the Engwe, even the “weaker model engwe-ep2 pro”. It seems to me to be better processed, with greater utility value.

On the other hand, at the time of samebike engwe did not exist yet. The electric bicycle does not have a fundamental flaw or weakness, it provides good utility value for its price.

Please read this carefully before purchasing:

Engwe ENGINE PRO looks like a robust offroader that can handle everything. The truth is that it’s not much for hills with a gradient of 15% or more, it would struggle and the engine could burn. You need to buy an electric bike with a central motor as bafang.

I did not test the maximum speed, but it can be unlocked and I think it can reach 45 km/h (just watch youtube videos).

The construction is really robust, even the carrier can carry another adult. At least it seems that way. Don’t expect a light suitcase folding bike, the strong construction something weighs .

When driving, the suspension works well, the fully-suspended electric bike with fat tires will make you enjoy gravel roads and easy terrain.

The display is nice, the MX25 Gunai color style, which is 2000w.
Pedal when going uphill, even though the power of the e-bike is higher and will take you without pedaling. Flats are cool, you “don’t have to pedal” on them.

The motor has “750w” stamped on it, but it’s the kind of classic motor I know from Samebike and the like. I know that Chinese doctors put a 2500w motor in a small one, usually a 250w motor, it really has the power and goes fast that the control unit lets it in, only on the hill it gets hot and the hall sensors go bad, or the winding burns.

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