Fomin my tips and experiences

deadlift one of best deadlifter in czech republicThis is my 8 tips at power training Fomin. Fomin I m go about 7-8 times by every Im improves and this is absolutely good training for increase power in elementary discipline.


My first tips is relieve training and intesity i tis wrote too training analysis in comment. Means is that one week you go discipline strong specified as „strong-capacity“and last week „strong -intensity“.

deadlift power routines

Second tip  for fomin is weight undercut that are specified how heavy. Always when Im undercut weight then Im use strategic aggravation. Undercut weight is this a large according how long Im plans training dril 20kg on 8-10 week. Be shorter thereby is undercut smaller training I recommend at least 6 weeks. Training Im go as not undercut well it was not God knows what, advance I have advance only pair kilo.


Thirt tip is insertion weight in fomin if I undercut at 20kg so I adds over 5kg well ware is it thereby style first week 4×6 80% – 20kg second week 3×3 90% – 20kg and thirt week I adds already recollection 5kg 4×6 80% – 15kg fourth week 3×3 90% – 15kg. It Im inscription adds weight on exercise that are specified that heavy.

After heavy weight Im training else two discipline allowing in Monday it is bench-press 4×4 70% dead-draw 5×4 60%. Here extra undercut maximum 10kg and adds from training on training past 2kg sometimes unadds amount veight not allowed cross declared per cent for training. If Im mean add on difficulty that I did by 1-2 duplicating more.Complementary exercise are only easily and hight amount repetitions allowing 4×8 and veight 60% – 75% Im begin by smaller number. Append I can every week.

Four tip is never untrain into defection, tiresome that CNS (central nerve systém) according you defection bad yourself adjust veight you must did two step back, concerned herself it especially bench press. Acording any fail either miss.

Fifth griff is concerned discreetly allotment additive discipline allowing in Monday I have: calf, abdomen, to pull. In Wednesday triceps. In Friday shaft, biceps.


My fomin-training with additive discipline is this:

Squat: 4×6 80%

Calf: 3×10- all the some than squat

Abdomen: 3×10

Press: 4×4 70%

Deadlift: 5×4 60%

Military press: 4×6 65-75% Im add 2-3kg

Sixth griff appertain draw forth chump in home I have not this discipline. Instead agree shaft or to pull, on deadlift Im myself very better. If you have low pull- in so pull with chump you should agree.

Seven griff appertain food 2 grame proteins on kilogram, good sleep, cardio Im advise over training or in rest day and only such easy on aid regeneration.

Here is fomin shedule


Squat 4×6 80% or 3×3 90% (week 1 80% week2 90% week 3 80% week4 90 …  )

deadlift one of best deadlifter in czech republicBenchpress  4×4 70%

Deadlift 4×5 60%

supplementary exercises

Miltary press, Chin ups, Abs,


Benchpress 4×6 80% or 90% (similar switching weeks as squat on monday)

Squat  4×6 60%

Deadlift 3×3 70%

supplementary exercises

French press 4×8

Biceps or chinups for biceps, calves + abs


Deadlift 4×6 80% or 3×3 90% (similar switching weeks as squat on monday)

Benchpress  4×6-8  50%-60%

Squat or legpress 3×5-6 repetition 50-60%

supplementary exercises

Pendlay rows 4×6 , Military with dumbbels, abs calves


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