Fomin strength training for the whole body

sigmarsson fomin trainingFomin is about best power training when I training, add me power on elementary discipline Squat, bench press, deadlift, and on compementary.

Accompishment this training is based on training all body three times on the week and periozation adaptation training so settings percen weight alteration different intension.

sigmarsson fomin training


Fomin coach russian locum tenens in power triathlon this training design for woman but if training going sexes unacted no part, practis him a lot of man.

Those as to wich wherein hold and practis this training arrive result. I have this training improve by 20 kilograms when I do first time. Since I him cheerfully practis and always Im better.

Cadet shoult be undercut weight not even you would haven not becouse cope by ten kilograms, cadets I thing their Squat along 100 kilograms. Power user should they had undercut along 20, 30 kilograms.

Complementary discipline Im picket out series and duplicating 4×8.

Discipline about this, to pull in bend forward, military press, lift big barbell on biceps, french press on triceps. On complementary discipline weight upgradet only as you should not on next day nuscle. Training till efection is concluded, if you concluded allowing bench press so because yourself defective weight. For 80% is it weight with which you make 10 repetition, for 90% is it weight with you make 5 repetition. Im always when I go training Fomin so yourself weight undercut, one times I have not undercut and all training stood at shit, so I am yourself reclaim.

If you undercut the/your weight by 15 kg, add on by 5kg each time. Training ends if you fail an excercise.

Complementary discipline you untrained into the defection. Repetition on  excersize you can different for exam 4×8, 5×5, 3×10 and alike well finishing repetition in series shoult had it be 5 duplication bet he fail. On complementary exercise I shovel 2kg a week. Amount complementary exercises yourself define alone, I have this: Monday shoulders, Wednesday triceps, Friday pull or shaft and biceps.

Here is fomin shedule


Squat 4×6 80% or 3×3 90% (week 1 80% week2 90% week 3 80% week4 90 …  )

deadlift one of best deadlifter in czech republicBenchpress  4×4 70%

Deadlift 4×5 60%

supplementary exercises

Miltary press, Chin ups, Abs,


Benchpress 4×6 80% or 90% (similar switching weeks as squat on monday)

Squat  4×6 60%

Deadlift 3×3 70%

supplementary exercises

French press 4×8

Biceps or chinups for biceps, calves + abs


Deadlift 4×6 80% or 3×3 90% (similar switching weeks as squat on monday)

Benchpress  4×6-8  50%-60%

Squat or legpress 3×5-6 repetition 50-60%

supplementary exercises

Pendlay rows 4×6 , Military with dumbbels, abs calves


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