Good AC Volt-ammeter wiring (black version)

blue display ammeterIf I wanted to measure the voltage in the socket I bought this volt-ammeter. Measured voltage and current simultaneously. This is the biggest advantages

Measured voltage is 110V suitable for U.S. and also for the European Union 230
Its range is 80-300V. But not suitable for measuring the three-phase voltage. However, if you connect only one phase measurement device measures correctly. If you search for DC voltage use this DC voltmeter.

Current measurement without contact goes through the toroid sensor / transformer.Accuracy is good. I used to test the heater 230V 2000Watts Voltammeter measured 8.65 A. this useable acuracy

A wiring diagram is a simple two “power wire” i connect to phase and ground.After connect this two wires Voltammeter is turn on but measuring only voltage .If i will measuring current   i muss pass through the toroid one phase wire. After going phase wire  through the toroid i plug “load”.  Then voltammeter shows the volts and amperes.

AC ammeter wirring diagram

Bee carefull 110V or 230 voltage can serious shocking  you body! If manipulating with wires turn off elektricity.Is good insured if the circuit fuse or circuit breaker

Wiring diagram volt ammeter AC 80-300V D85-2042A


  • Case Color: Black
  • Brand new & high quality!
  • Dual measurement of AC voltage, AC current with AC current transformer
  • Voltage Measuring Range: AC 80 ~ 300V
  • Cuttent Measuring Range: AC 0.1 ~ 100A (Cuttent in excess of 1A is recommended)
  • Please don’t exceed the 300V/100A
  • Display backgroud color & Type: Blue & LCD
  • Resolutions: ±1%FS +2 Digit (According to our actual measurement, there is about 0.1A/1V deviation of the measuring cuttent/voltage.)
  • Operating Temperature: -10 ºC ~65 ºC
  • Operating Humidity: 35~85% RH
  • Current Transformer: Included

blue display ammeter


  • (L*W*H): 70mm x 40mm x 39mm/2.76″x 1.59″ x 1.57″(approx)
  • Installation size: 68 * 38mm (flush mounting)

Pictures of another  similar version black AC  Volt+Ammeter

Alternate curent ammeter with toroid core

accuracy AC voltmeter 110V US Voltmeter ammeter AC alternate curent measurement



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