How to relieve stress

Stress is our “enemies” almost every day. It destroys our health, and when we are under stress, we can make you nervous mood and ruin your day. We do not think the other – important things, just the thing that causes stress.

no stressThere are two types of stress:
positive stress – a short, can be regarded as a kind of motivation to some higher power.
negative stress – causing us a lot of diseases, whether mental or physical origin and has a long duration. If you are experiencing stress, the body has to use defense mechanisms to protect him. If however these defense mechanisms activated excessively long, it becomes difficult.


How to relieve stress – slow and steady breathing. It is best if you breathe smoothly lying in bed when the body is in the correct positioning and you will learn to breathe better. When you are at work, or simply you can not lie, you can get rid of stress smooth and slow breathing and sitting in the chair.



The music – no stress

If you have a favorite song or a group, listen to it. You’ll see how you banish not only stress but also improves mood. If possible, avoid songs that are more suited to modern discotheques where to hear the same drums and singing voices.


Be positive

Stress is you can also get rid of positive thinking. Those people who just constantly have negative thinking, repels them to even greater stress than those who think positively. Allow to influence negative thoughts leads to unnecessary stress for such a person and for his surroundings.


Buy something that makes you happy

Stress daily routine that you feel good. Buy a little something to make you feel good. Forward can be purchased from the little things that will not take much of our budget.


 Divide your work

Stress at work, stress at home, when we see that nothing is ready, nothing catch up, you do not even have time to relax, work rolls one you pleasure and you are the only Motate, you do not know where to start. STOP !!! for a moment, stop and tell you whether it makes sense to do everything exactly in detail, vacuumed, clean, cook, wash dishes, that are daily issues that need to be conducted only one member of the household. The work of a divide between the other members of the household, and if you have a lot of obligations robot and boss you back a lot of flushing, ask your colleagues a little help, you can simply return them to you.


Can you say no?

If you change your thinking, you change yourself


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