KS-SF22R bike remote alarm with remote control, displacement sensor review manual

I have a total of 5 types of  Anti-Theft  bicycle alarms sold on aliexpress or ebay,This KS-SF22R alarm is an interesting model because it has easy use and very good battery life.In the article you will learn the pros and cons of this version of the alarm, reviews, instructions and technical parameters.

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Price and buy

My review  pros and cons 

Test antitheft alarm

Komplete Guide Manual 

Complete technical parameters

Now I am describing my experience with the KS-SF22R , I tested 6 pieces of this product all  worked correctly,read the pros and cons of this product.

Price and buy

Good price is under 20usd usd Antusi can you buy from dealers on Ebay,Aliexpress,Amazon or from verified Chinese e-shops as they are Here is my choice:

Good price is about 14usd include shipping package content Alarm remote driver and equimnent.

Complete review with cons and pros:

Here is pros:

  • good price – is under 20 usd is very good.
  • Can set sensitivity, volume and calibration
  • The remote control works welrange at a distance of 20-30 meters
  • Has a waterproof design
  • Useful equipment
  • Low consumption (I measured)

Here is cons:

  • The alarm cannot be charged directly.
  • It is more difficult to disassemble even if the tool is part of the package.

Review conclusion:

KS-SF22R is reliable alarm  with normal level price if you pay about 20 usd (even with shipping) Can you set volume or alarm,sensitivity of shock sensor.

The alarm can recommend to the motorcycle without the connection of various electrical cables of course you can use it to protect against thieves your bike, electric scooter, electric bike.

How work in enviroment -Test:

If the alarm detects movement, it will first send a warning sound, if the movement does not stop, the alarm will sound a siren which you will cancel only by pressing the button on the remote control.

Remote control test: He also tested the range of the remote control, it’s over 20 meters as the sellers state. This is a free space, the reach is smaller inside the buildings.

This alarm can buy with remote driver version WL03C 1pcs 27A (12V) battery and second version is WL09C with CR2032 (3V) battery. I can’t judge which remote control is better.

WL03C remote key

The picture shows the remote control disasembled WL03C

Power consumption is key to a well-functioning alarm in operation, vendors declare 6-10 months.

I tried to measure the consumption, in standby the device has a consumption of 0.01A -0.1mA which is very low consumption. When the alarm is triggered, the consumption is higher than 70mA but this is normal. It’s ok

For example, this model of bicycle alarm has a higher consumption and is practically unusable within a month discharges the 9V battery.

If i compare with Antusi bike alarm this model is It is half cheaper but has no tail light and is also not rechargeable via mini USB.If the price was the same, I would rather buy an antusi but only this alarm has a half better price and also works well.

KS-SF22R alarm has good function how to set it is more in the manual ,these functions are included in the device:

  • Remote control arm or disarm
  • 7 Adjusting touch sensitivity
  • Vehicle search function
  • 6 Different ringtones for vehicle search function (Invalid for ARM mode)
  • SOS function


The manual supplied with the alarm is well done so I just took it, there is a complete described alarm control, battery replacement, sensitivity, volume and tone settings + calibration.

How to add pair remote controll to bike alarm

  1. Remove battery from receiver for 30 second
  2. Add battery again and press on remote key button signed as bell (long press for 3-7 seconds).
  3. Receiver host make “Di” beeb sound
  4. Press Arm butoon and release a after press Disarm and release
  5. Remote driver addition successful make test.

Add multiple remote controls to alarm

Type alarm KS-SF22R type alarm support connection of multiple remote drivers on aliexpresse you can buy.The connection procedure is as follows:

  1. Press old remote controll (which is paired) Disarm button then long press Bell button .
  2. When you receiver make sound “DI” touch Lock and Unlock buttons on remote keychain.
  3. Receiver make sound “DI-DI” and new remote controller is paired with alarm.
  4. You can pair type WL03C and WL09C remote driver.

Delete-unpair remote driver from host alarm

If you want remove remote driver from host use these instructions:

  1. First check that the alarm is not activated (deactivate his Unlock button)
  2. Long press Bell button for learning mode
  3. When alarm make “DI” sound m touch Lightning button on remote driver
  4. Host make “DI-DI-DI” delete all remote drivers,then it pairs only those it needs.

Other functions can see in scaned manual:

Technical parameters:

  • An alarm need 3 AAA alkaline batteries (Not included ) standby for 6-10 months.
  • A remote need a 12V/27A alkaline battery (Not included ) standby for over 1 year.
  • Wireless range: 10-20 meters
  • Working environment temperature: -20~60 degree
  • Alarm dimensions: 65mm*45mm
  • Remote dimensions:58mm*28mm*11mm

Package Included:

1 x Bicycle Alarm,

1 x Remote Control,

2 x Double-sided Sticker,

1 x Screw Driver,

1 x Battery Compartment Opener,

1 x Manual

Full equiment for alarm with remote control

4 thoughts on “KS-SF22R bike remote alarm with remote control, displacement sensor review manual”

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    merhaba.osman ben
    açıkladığınız alarmdan bendede var,yalnız kullanım kılavuzundaki ayarlara bakarken,yanlışlıkla kumanda silmeyi yapmışım,tekrar kumandadan hiçbir emir almıyor:( bunu nasıl düzeltebilirim,yardımcı olursanız çok sevinicem!şimdiden gösterdiğiniz ilgiye teşekkür ederim,saygılar…

  2. Attachment

    hi..I accidentally deleted my remote control from the device. How can I add the original remote again? I would be very happy if you help

    1. 1.Remove battery from receiver for 30 second
      2.Add battery again and press on remote key button signed as bell (long press for 3-7 seconds)
      3.Receiver host make “Di” beeb sound
      4. Press Arm butoon and release a after press Disarm and release
      5.Remote driver addition successful make test.

  3. What is the reason to install the host at metal part surrounding?
    In this case i can not hide the alarm under my motorbike’s seat.

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