Lazar Angelov training ,diet and bio

lazar angelov trainingThis is clasic split  trains him Lazar Angelov is a professional basketball player and fitness model fitness guru wich provides services as a personal trainer and has a large number of clients . Lazar Angelov  training under  very intense routines and also has your eating plan.

Height and weight Lazar Angelovs is 180 cm and 90 kg.

e training program looks like this :

Lazar Angelov training

Day 1 : Breasts and abs

Benchpress equal to 4 sets x 8-10 reps .

Benchpress on the angled a bench 4 sets x 8-10 reps

Benchpresson the neg . the angled a bench 4série x 8-10 reps

Pullover machine 4 sets x 12 reps

Press on the hammer machine 3 sets x10 – 12 reps

Dips 3 sets x 10 reps

Crunches with weights 4 sets x 12 reps

lazar angelov diet bio

Day 2 : Back + traps

Bent Over Row  4×8
Deadlift  4×8
Pulldowns  4×12
Pull Ups  4×12
Cable Row  4×12
Shrugs  6×10

Day 3: Schoulder and abs

Military Press Behind The Neck 3×8
Machine Press 4×8
Lateral Raises 4 x 10
Weight Plate Front Raises 4×10
Front Raise 4×10
Reverse Pec Deck 4×10
Reverse Fly’s (on incline bench) 4×12
Weighted Sit Up 4x failure
Hanging Leg Raise- 4x failure
Side Bends 4x failure
Side Crunches 4x failure

 Day 4 : biceps , triceps and abs


Close grip bench press with drop set 4 sets , 6-8 reps
Triceps cable pulley press down  4 sets , 6-8 reps
Single arm cable pulley pull downs 4 sets , 8-10 reps
Ez-Barbell bicep curls 4 sets ,  6-8 reps
Wide grip cable pulley bicep curls 4 sets , 6-8 reps
Rope cable pulley bicep curls  4 sets , 6-8 reps
Laying straight bar cable pulley bicep curls  4 sets , 10-12 reps
Decline seated ab crunches with plate / drop set with no plate
Hanging knee raises (left, center, right, centre, repeat)
Roman chair alternated leg raise>knee raise
Standing Dumbbell oblique crunches
Barbell behind neck twists
Side plank ups with dumbbell

Day 5 : Legs and abdomen
Squats 4×12
Squat (to bench) 4×12
Bulgarian Squat 4×12
Quad Extensions 4×16
Stiff Leg Deadlift 4×12
Leg Curls 4×16
Glute Kickbacks 4×20
Calf Machine Raises 4×20
Seated Calf Raises 4×20
Leg Press Calf Raises 4×20
Weighted Sit up 4x failure
Air bike 4x failure
Side Bends 4x failure
Barbell Twists 4x failure

lazar angelov training

It is recommended eating once every two hours and one meal that was 35 grams of protein . When you begin a diet of 10-12% fat and it takes him a month to lost weight to 5%

Food No.1 omelette peanut butter and grapefruit

Food No.2 Rice chicken and broccoli

Food No.3 tuna and avocado spread

Food No.4 chicken with rice

Food No.5 salmon and green salad

Food No.6 Cottage Cheese and Broccoli

Supplements : N’GAGE from Axis Labs (about advertising only )

lazar angelov nutrition

Facts about Lazar Angelov:

Height: 180cm
Weight: 88 kg
Date of Birth: 22nd september 1984
Place of birth: Sofia, Bulgaria

Lazar Angelov bio

As a child, Lazar Angelov huge desire to become an NBA legend . One of the channels on television began broadcasting basketball games , so watching the sport on a daily basis . But it was not the only thing he liked . When he was younger , he loved just watching basketball games as well as action films and admired people like the one Jean – Claude Van Damme .

Lazar gradually his dream of becoming a basketball legend fullest. Before he became a bodybuilder and personal trainer , played professional basketball and 10 years. His team played the role of quarterback , ie . player who best controls the ball and the game and the best forms prihráva.Vo age of 16 joined the junior international team of Bulgaria and played in several teams in the National Basketball Associations in Bulgaria . In addition to basketball and trained with weights , but then it still was not the moment from which reflected his career . When he was 18 , it was time to go to war , where he spent a year and a half .


In this period and in the period when he returned from the war just escalated . Lazar discovered a genuine passion for strengthening . Toiled , train hard , again playing basketball and wanted to get back to formy.Nastal however moment that recalls very badly. Unfortunate knee injury halted his basketball dream . With basketball so he had to end , and it was 2005, therefore strengthening the only thing he remained within the sport . Strengthening thus became an integral part of his life and wanted to get certified personal trainer

of the National Sports Academy . Lazar began working with people , helping them to exploit their potential to the maximum and improve their bodies . Dedicated his life to strengthening and since 2006 has participated in various competitions , where each of them has won at least a bronze medailu.Lazar dominates balanced figure and perfect muscle definition .

Many describe his abdominal muscles as the most beautiful in the world . As a personal trainer , he managed to change for the better bodies of thousands of people and their motivation and knowledge in this area provide the other . As the model is involved in many music videos and commercials. His body , ambition and motivation are an inspiration to millions of people in the world , thanks to his videos on YouTube . As we receive a huge amount of questions about diet , his training and similar issues , he decided to start a personal website . In January 2012, Lazar joined the company Nutri – Sups Worldwide.

lazar angelov with women

After seeing some photos you might have thought that Lazar is a new character in the game GTA , but simply describes his look . According to him, the guy should look just like a man ! Basketball taught him discipline and perseverance , and these are the factors that helped him in the world of fitness . He was always very disciplined and had a professional approach to the sport. Lazar loves coaching each muscle group , but if you should choose a favorite, it would be chest and legs . Trained about 6 times a week and trying to be hard and tough training, mostly with free weight. Most figure he likes and Ulisses Jr. . Lazar worked not only as a personal trainer but also as a security guard . Had to combine these two professions to gain at least some funding . While bodybuilding describes how financially demanding sport , which many people see as an excuse , but not Lazar . Earned only $ 200 a month , but still wearing makal , train hard and strive to maintain good form .

Current is one of the most recognized people in the fitness industry , not only in Bulgaria . Chill very happy at home , listening to music ( mostly rap ) and trying to fulfill his dream – to become the most important icon of the fitness industry . What makes it fills pleased that is gradually improving , but still thinks he will never be satisfied with where it is , because you can always do more steps and climb a little higher . Lazar has more than half a million fans on Facebook and many young people him as their idol .

Finally, 3 tips from Lazar Angelov :
Be patient . ” Rome was not built in a day ”
Heed to the diet , and also for training.
Never give up , no matter the obstacle , which is located in front of you .



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