Led collar for my dog – it’s amazing

I recently ordered an ice collar for my dog. Council with dog go for a walk especially in the evening. The dog’s name is Penny. Penny is very playful and always gets me. It is black in color and in the dark it is hard to see. When going crazy on the field, always gets me in the dark and can not see it well. That’s why I bought her ice collar. The collar is a nice addition and protects it, because it is easy to see at night.

Led dog collar for your pet is easy to use. Includes switch, which led a collar on and off. Also use this switch to select the 3 modes of lighting. You can choose between steady light, flashing fast or slow blinking.

ružový led obojok

Size led dog collar is about 40-50 cm, so the length is adjustable. Width of collar is 2.5 cm, that is not no thin collar, which would quickly ripped. The collar works on 2 CR2032 batteries, which can be easily replaced with new ones, which is totally cool …

zelený led obojok

If your doggie and my dirty penny collar, after removing the batteries, it can be cleaned.

cervený led obojok zapatý

Led dog collar will illuminate when it is switched off by yourself or you will not run the batteries, but you should go through for weeks or months without a break:-) Anyway the price of these flashlights is minimal, so I think it’s worth it to you were with your dog safe. No need to worry that it would somehow managed to dog collar led from falling when movement is severe.

modrý  led obojok

What is the weight of ice collar?
Led collar weighs only a few grams. It is quite easy and does not burden your pet to wear.

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