Life is change

Changing the environment proved to be an amazing thing ever. The feeling when you’re away from all of you are known by all in his life, decided only by you and especially you must rely only and only for himself. This is the most beautiful feeling that can not be replaced about nothing. Then one truly feels and understands that this is the life. Just own experience teaches us new things.

Solutions to their problems

Even as a small child we are led to the fact that we keep your life in full control. They teach us to fight or defend against something that is uncomfortable for us. It’s ingrained in us, and why it is so difficult to realize it. But we are mostly accustomed to defend the time, so that when we come to something unpleasant, and read great fear or anger. At that moment we lose ourselves. Already whether consciously or unconsciously hurt someone, or from the situation for refugees, and the like. Literally its side, we do not want her to say, because we have everything under control. So actually we do not accept the moment, what is happening right now, and not just because it can not be controlled because we surprised.


Have the like

Man who hurt Secondly, she can not weigh myself, loves the. Outwardly, people can confidently look like most of them but just something obscure, fear of failure, fear that you were not good enough. It’s just a game. Inside suffering. Therefore, learn to love yourself sam√≠ch. because only the person who will be happy will love and others.

life is change

Thus, it has emerged all those diseases, bad relationships, war, and others. because we have not what is in our lives going on. There is only now, everything else is just a figment of our fearful minds, it has to be understood. How can you want something nice welcome to life, if it at this point aside and avoid expressing what is right now?


Many people think that an escape from the rigors of life, our situation will change, as we all desire, the better. But it is not tak.My people have rooted themselves in the same mistaken impression that when we avoid this specific problem, I let it be something small or something serious, our problem disappears. But it is only an impression, we will issue still remains prednasledovaŇ•. Your mind will always go back to it. It’s like a vicious circle. Once they learn to adopt and take every situation as anything in life you have to learn to move somewhere, cease to defend and run. When this starts to real life.


Take all what you are, whether you’re jealous, explosive in the body, with or without money. Enjoy the fact that you have accepted the truth. Get rid of so unpleasant inner tension and opens again to himself, to the love of all that is hidden in you and to show you who you really are.



Lucky just depends on how we take it and we feel ourselves and not see it as someone else. We have it planted itself in certain patterns of childhood and adolescence, which are not permanently. Our brain is like a computer, it can be reprogrammed thus overriding our old habits and beliefs. You have to believe in it but because if you do not believe, will not be changed, shall stand in the same place.

Everything that happens, happens for something. Therefore, if the next time you feel the need to change something, so he speaks to you your true self. There’s always with you, showing you the way by which you can overcome your fear, your mind, and that moves you to a better life.

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