List of names of connectors for chargers of electric bikes, scooters, etc

The list comes in handy when you are looking for a charger for an electric scooter or bike, you can search for the right charger by the name of the connector.

Helpful hints for choosing the right charger:

  • Choose according to the connector, the connector can be redesigned, but it is better if you take out a charger with a suitable connector
  • Be careful when choosing the correct charging voltage, for example, for a 36V li-ion charger, the correct voltage is 41.5V-42V, but for a 36V lead SLA battery, the voltage is 43.5-44V.
  • 2A is suitable for smaller 4-12Ah batteries, 4-5A can be used for a capacity above 12Ah. (You can choose according to the original charger)
  • The fan is great especially with 4-5A chargers.
  • 2A is sufficient with passive cooling for a laptop adapter type charger
  • To be sure, before charging for the first time, measure the polarity with a multimeter just to be sure
  • Not charging in the sun in high heat is not good for battery or charger without ventilation.

Useful links:

Changing the connectors on the charger:

You have 4 options:

  • Unclip the connector in the cable (do not wait at the connector to be sure so that you can solder the connector back)
  • the possibility to solder the connector directly to the pcb (the molded packaging of the chargers cannot be opened and then re-connected, instant glue will come in handy)
  • Disassemble the connector (XLR, 3Pin GX16 types can be disassembled)
  • Use reduction
  • Always check the polarity with a multimeter, the color of the electrical wires may not always be according to the standard.
  • Insulate the connections thoroughly with shrink tapes and sleeves or electrician’s tape.
  • Red is +, black is minus, best check with a multimeter.
  • Look at the charging voltage for 36V/48V, you distinguish chargers for lead and lithium chargers.
  • In aliexpress Tangspower seller in aliexpress has different chargers with different connectors.

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