Oatsmeal for traning

oatmeal for trainingEven the ancient Romans and they not only many centuries ago knew the importance of rewarding oats . The Roman writer Pliny in the 1st century AD saw the Germanic tribes feed porridge . Teutonic warriors called porridge cooked food of the gods and eat before fighting  . Oatmeal them to supply energy during fights and fighters and improve endurance horse.

If you have oatmeal in your diet yet to make , first do not know what they are missing .

Oatmeal without our household divided into two irreconcilable camps . The first ” camp ” , that they can not even see , let alone feel ugly bran ! , And the other was systematically fattened them throughout childhood .

How are make oats ?
Peeled and cleaned oat kernels are steamed by , then pressed into typical flakes and dried .

oats meal

Becomes a reality cereal one night at the press rolls Kallogg brothers , they worked in a very successful , but easily whimsical legendary Adventist sanitarium in Battle Creek , Michigan. Wow puzzled over simple and healthy diet for patients of the sanatorium and the ” breaking ” they not only succeeded , but later also richly paid off.

Snowflakes are among whole grains contain approximately the following ratio of macronutrients : 67 % carbohydrate , 14.5 % protein and whole grains high fat content – 7 % . Further conceals valuable unsaturated fatty acids ( oleic and linoleic ) , family B vitamins , vitamin E , iron , lecithin , zinc , potassium , magnesium , manganese , calcium and to a lesser amount still some other minerals .

Is important in soluble and insoluble fiber , especially beta – glucans . They have recently become increasingly popular due to its immunomodulatory properties , may play a role in reducing cholesterol and maintaining optimal blood sugar levels .
Tips for consumption flakes


For the preservation of many valuable substances is preferably flakes to cook , but this leaves little scope for a pleasant tasting experience .

Personally I do not mind a few small spoons added to yogurt (must let soften ) , moreover my taste in cocoa flakes , just pour the flakes 2-3 teaspoons cocoa and watered milk .

Good is also a fruit cocktail with a spoon while soaked flakes ( composition: a banana or other fruit , cereal , milk eventually . Plain yogurt or cottage cheese , sugar or honey ) . Indisputable is that after such breakfast is not usually hungry until lunch .

oatmeal for training

Flakes before training or after training ?

I prefer cereal in the morning I have no training to about 17-18 hours just before training their power not recommend it only if I did not eat anything all day . If I workout at 17:00 flakes so I eat around 14:00 or 15:00 that is two or three hours before training .After training

Flakes have additional price advantage , it’s probably the cheapest food which is useful for exercise or nutrition body strength athletes I know . Let them be a student.

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