PT6 thermometer cheap and reliable device for AC current 220V

This  thermometer is suitable for european region recommended power supply is  AC 220-230V. Simply plug phase and null wire device turn on show actual temperature in range -40~110°C.

Ringder pt6 (2)

My review of PT6 thermometer Pros and Cons :


  • Good measurement accuracy thermometer , most seler given measurement accuracy 0.1°C in reality is little bigger but OK.
  • LED displey is ok have clearly visible numbers of temperature.
  • Probe sensor have 2 meters.
  • Dimensions of  device is suitable 69x33x32mm for mostly aplications.
  • Have good refresh time 0.5 ms , but probe sensor has a delay for warm or cool.


  • Thermometer canot showing temperature in Fahrenheit ony in Celzius (not much suitable for US market)
  • Power supply is AC 220V is good for European union but for USA 110V not suitable.
  • Can not be calibrated,thermometer does not contain trimer calibration

Price and where to buy thermometer PT6 ?

Good price include shipping (Free shippim) is 4.5 USD – 8 USD. Can you buy on Ebay or Aliexpress device is from China with normal quality.The manufacturer Ringder is from china and have good reputation.

Technical  Data:

  • Ringder pt6 (1)Color:black.

  • Material: plastic and metal.

  • Power cable length:20cm.

  • Temperature sensor cable length: 2m.

  • Power input:220V AC

  • LED display color: red.

  • Connection:red,power in(positive) black,power in(negative).

  • Temperature Range:-40~110.

  • Working temperature:-10-60.

  • Size:69x33x32mm.

  • Refresh rate: 0.5ms/time.

  • Measurement accuracy: 0.1

  • Weight:46g.It is convenient and easy to use.

Thermometer is suitable for Applications:

  1. Refrigeration industry(freezers, refrigerators, , Cold stores, cold chain, iceboxes, cooling towers, water coolers, oil coolers, cold water chillers, water chilling units etc.)
  2. HVAC industry (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning)
  3. Pet industrial: Aquariums, fish tanks, terrariums, seafood machines, Vivariums, Paludariums, Incubators etc.
  4. Food processing (Brewing, Abattoirs etc.), Food Wholesale, Food Retail (Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Convenience Thermostat Temperature Controller AC 220V 50 To 110 Celsius Digital LED Thermometer Temperature Detector Digital Thermometer -in CelziusStores, Food Shops, Charcuteries, Delicatessens etc.)
  5. Solar water-heating system central controller
  6. Sauna room, foot bath, foot sauna, foot massager etc.
  7. Wine production, wine cabinet, display cabinet etc.
  8. Catering (Hotels, Restaurants, etc.)
  9. Agriculture
  10. Automobile
  11. Photography
  12. Process control
  13. Laboratory, Chemical
  14. Greenhouses, cultivating-houses
  15. Ice-skating rinks
  16. Energy management
  17. Other industries need temperature measuring and controlling

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2 thoughts on “PT6 thermometer cheap and reliable device for AC current 220V”

  1. Hi,
    I’ve bought a PT6 in order to have it in my car
    After the complete mounting it shows. LLL
    In the leaflet explains that it has several power options: 220 – 110 – 12 – 24 Ac/DC volts
    Which is the problem I have ???


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