Remote alarm for bike my experiences

In the article you will learn my experience with the remote control alarm and the bugs I’ve discovered.I have  test about 87 pieces  experience so this review is relevant.

Wireless alarm idea :

After the bicycle has been deactivated, you activate the alarm with the remote control. The alarm is activated when the thief is about to steal your bike, the alarm will be recorded and the alarm sounds automatically
Which highlights the thief.

Bravo your bike is saved

If the owner comes to the bike simply by pressing the remote control button deactivates the alarm

bike remote alarm

Experience with the bicycle alarm with remote control

I buy this alarm from aliexpress or ebay .. for about 5 usd,It’s a good price, but some alarms are not working properly.

My experience is that 87 alarm 6 did not work 4 of them ceased to work during use – burned inside.

Installation is easy for the saddle rod to fix the alarm with the screws

Those who worked had very good sensitivity, sometimes too much

The wireless control works great, but you do not have to buy a 27A 12V battery that was often not included in the package.

As far as the control of the alarm is concerned, it is easy to control, just push the lock – unlock on the remote.

The power consumption is too high, this is the main thing against this device,Some pieces range from 20mA – 40mA, which in practice means that a 9V battery will drain completely in a week. (They are pieces of low power but can not distinguish them).

The siren starts to making the sound, the consumption is even higher than 250mA, which means that the end of the battery life is 3-5 minutes.

The siren has about 100 decibels and is also 80-100 meters far away (in the open air)

Waterproof is a question … alarm is not waterproof but rain and splashing water will not destroy it …

Consumption measurement in mATest in my ” Lab “

I measured the current consumption of the alarm with a single KT830Buz multimeter.

I test two pieces in 3 different modes:

  • The alarm is inactive (not armed just plug only 9V battery)
  • The alarm has ben activated (i touch “lock” button on remote control)
  • The alarm has turn siren (Acoustic signaling in action)


When is alarm bell activated

Alarm status Current consumption in mA
inactive 1.1
activated 1.1
turn siren 35-60mA



The power consumption of 1m is not much but if the battery capacity is around 300 maAH, or the alarm can operate for less than 300 hours and 300: 24 = 12.5 days .. this is not a lot

40 mA consumption when the siren is running, it is in the norm but avoid unnecessary triggering of the siren

If you have this alarm I recommend buying a large capacity battery, maybee rechargeable batteries are a solution.

Maybee antusi a6 with a rechargeable battery will be better.

Here is a summary of pros and cons:


  • Very good idea
  • The price is low
  • Easy to use


  • Much discharges the battery
  • Some pieces do not work

Final rating:

 Remote bicycle alarm is a good idea but it has  bugs , eg fast discharge battery.Sometimes it can hinder your sensitivity too much, just enough to blow the wind stronger or to have a bicycle in a common rack and someone causes a small scuffle, the alarm immediately starts a siren.

I recommend buying this alarm twice from different vendors in case it does not work properly.I recommend combining with a bicycle lock, the thief launches the alarm and you will have enough time to come to the bike.

For interest the button alarm (ABC  buttons) on the bike worked ok, from 100 pieces 1-2 not working or failed..

  •  What are your experience with the alarm? Send a comment…

4 thoughts on “Remote alarm for bike my experiences”

  1. I have experienced the same issue it drains the battery far too quickly. Useless product unless you have many batteries to charge.

  2. Hi,

    Very good article! I’ve some experience with this alarms. It seems to have another issue – sensitivity. Some of the alarms can be activated with bare touch, but another should be shaked. I think the problem is related to the position of the tilt sensor.
    Same power consumption for the one I’ve tested – 1mA, even when the alarm is disarmed.
    I’m thinking of some upgrade related to the disarmed state power consumption – some kind of inside relay, connected to the tilt sensor and cutting of the battery power – that way the battery consumption in disarmed state will be zero. When you need to arm the alarm, first shake it (which close the relay) and then press the remote control lock button.

  3. I have forgotten the code i changed to ,now i cant put in a new code because i need the code i changed to,to put in a new one.the origonal code ,the alarm came with ,cant be used once you have changed to another abc type alarm

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