Samebike LO26 48V 10.4Ah Review and Experience

Last week I had a Samebike electric bike with 48V 10.Ah battery and 350w electric HUB motor. In this review you will describe advantages and disadvantages of the product, all the technical parameters where and how to get it.




  • Foldable joint
    Foldable joint

    It can be folded in half and it is a classic mountain bike on 26 ″ wheels

  • The 10.5AH 48V torch is a good finish and is centered in the construction and can be replaced
  • LCD display – at this price level are electric bikes with LEDs
  • Robust construction with good welds.
  • Good performance in electrobycicles with HUB engine
  • He’s fully sprung
  • Nice design I liked



  • The engine is smaller, he has a good performance and pulls up the hill just wanted better heat dissipation
  • To inflate 26 ″ a stronger compressor is needed (to make it hard)



The SAMEBIKE LO26 folding electric bicycle has no significant weakness; The advantage is a well made folding mechanism which is a robust  48V 10.4Ah Aku-s will have a better range. I like that there is an offroad mode ie I add a throttle as a scooter and there is also a PAS sensor so you can drive legal in EU (under 25kmh/h with pas )

Electro Engine Samebike nas no brand mark and is a little small  het dissapation can be problem on big hill Good is controller and  battery in the frame build. Electric bike has walk mode 6km/h.


My detailed experience with Samebike LO26:

In the lines above I described the main features for a better overview, Samebike electric bike I repaired cabels (hall, etc.) so I looked inside.

Regarding the controller unit is a bit smaller in along with the cabling has a small margin. Connectors are all connected I think the user will not set anything more… and it is good this only “On and play” not for tunning.




The display is S830 is quite similar to bafang C965 you can download manual:

Ebike encourages walking assistance – it comes in handy when you go electric bike.


Battery The battery is placed in the frame (in the larger part of the frame).It is connected to the control unit by a power connector.The battery is assembled from 13s 18650 lithium cells with overal capacity 10.4Ah. Brand of li-ion cells is uknown for mee (i not have disassemble the battery).

What is the  distance range?

35-40km on pure electric engine … for 48V 10.4Ah is OK. (Flat road rider have uder 100kg).

On the handlebars except the display are the brake levers (controller disconnects the motor when braking) and Arow up and down with Mode buttons controll pad can turn on/off bike Helps set the S830 display and you can set three levels and assistance:




Main Features:

  • 350W motor provides the max 30km/h speed and max 35 degree gradient
  • 10.4Ah / 48V Li-ion battery ( included in product ) for max 40km mileage with pure electric mode and 70km mileage with moped mode
  • 26 inch inflatable rubber tire for different grounds
  • Folding design ( folding size: 103 x 37 x 104cm ) for convenient carrying
  • Pedal mode, moped mode, and pure electric modefor choose
  •  LED front light to ride at night safely
  • Aluminum alloy shell for max 150kg payload
  • Suitable for adults and teenagers


  • Wheel size: 26 inch
  • Motor rated power: 350W
  • Battery rated power: 499W
  • Battery: 10.4Ah Li-ion battery
  • Charge time: 4 hours
  • Maximum speed: 30km/h
  • Maximum load: 150kg
  • Input voltage: 110 – 240V
  • Brake mode: front / rear disc brake
  • Transmission: Shimano 21 speed
  • Instrument: central LCD instrument with USB function
  • Fender: PVC mudguard


55 thoughts on “Samebike LO26 48V 10.4Ah Review and Experience”

  1. Hallo … my controller is broken – have you any idea where i can buy a new one … or maybe a stronger with more than 12 ampere limit ? Greatings Gerhard

    1. yes can be more stronger 15a-18a battery is 10.4Ah is ok but motor is smal have lower temerature dispatching

        1. Is long time ago when i samebike hat disasembled , here is partialy answer : all 48V controller can go with motor and battery problem is in connector,compatibility with display and dimmensios

  2. Hi everyone, in the very short term of 24 hours I have had the bad luck of losing the two contact keys of the Samebike LO26…. Any suggestions on what I could do? Thank you very much for your answers

  3. Hi i have a Samebike o got it two days ago and i have no power the battery is fully charged but i have nothing I’ve pressed the M button the up the down but nothing lighting up on my screen its just as if there’s no battery connected at all any ideas

    1. Hi . I have just got my bike and same problem. Fully charged battery but wont start. If i put chargeable cable connected inside when battery there it start the engine but if take out cable it stop. any ideas?

      thanks Peter

      1. Hello, there is a fault in the battery or the battery is not connected to the control unit, try to check the wiring inside

  4. Where can I find an Owner’s Manual? – which was not included by delivery of the bike. Impossible to drive without it!

  5. I have Samebike, the throttle doesn’t seem to be working and the computer screen tells me error E07. Throttle problem possibly the cable…. any ideas how to repair this. Any idea what brand the motor is?
    Many thanks

  6. My Odometer is not recording correctly. The trip records 10KM & the odometer shows 2.3 Km it’s under reading, any ideas?

  7. Hi I bought the Samebike LO26 from Gearbest and after 3 rides the motor stopped working making an awful noise. I had an error code 09 and Gearbest said it was a faulty controller after replacing the controller there was no difference , now they are saying it’s a faulty meter ( display screen) I can’t see how . Anyone else have experience of this problem please comment Jim .

    1. Hi, I have the same problem with my LO26… E09. After 36km (!!!) riding I heard a strange noise from the motor, then it stopped. I wrote e-mail to the Samebike and also Gearbest, but no answer…
      I would like to think that after one month and 36 km there is a warranty for broken parts but I don’t know who can help me. I haven’t found any costumer service of Samebike company. Do you know any sollution?

    2. Hi, Jim. I have the same error 09. I bought it in gearbest but i don’t have any support from them. Mine doesn’t make noise. I want to replace the controller. where did you find it? how much?

    3. Sa nu cumparati de la GHERBEST lucruri scumpe pentru ca veti ramine dezamajiti, ieu am comandat o bicileta si dupa ce am aflat ce reclama proasta are am solicitat imediat bani inapoi, mi ia dat dupa o luna cu frica ca nu vad nici bani, asa ca Adio GERBEST.

  8. Hi all
    I have the same problem, noice from the motor and after that it stop and write E 09 anybody the have find what to do.

    1. Hi the keys on samebike lo26 turn power on off to controller
      I just received mine today and found I can’t remove the battery on this model
      But no information from manufacturer or Gearbest to explain
      So I’m hoping once it’s fully charged I won’t have the problems you guys are having

      1. The battery is removable you just have to use the right key.
        I found only one of my keys turns it all the way to remove battery.

      2. The Battery is licked into the frame, to release ,turn the key fully,THEN push the key up and turn another notch, this releases the battery, REMEMBER to take out the rubber protective plug from the charge point ,the battery will then slide out.

  9. Nekupujte tento bicykel Somebike LO 26, mne sa pokazil po 100 km a reklamacia nie je mozna. Nikto vam nevrati peniaze.

  10. Hallo
    I have Samebike LO26 after some days to use appear on display E09 error code and show image of controller failure.
    Some one can help me? What’s happen?

  11. Did you checked REAL battery capacity? I just opened two batteries, supposedly to have 10.4Ah (as per sticker on battery and bike description), but both has only 8Ah (13s4p configuration, each cell by 2Ah). And both went dead within few km of ride. After opening, both have burnt bms boards and both batteries have apparently different build details, different bms brand/model.
    So from my point of view – nicely branded and advertised another chinese CRAP.

  12. Is there any documentation on removal of rear wheel. I cant find a power cord disconnection plug so taking off the rear wheel to change tyres seems impossible.

    1. Hi Peter i have the same question- hot to get rear wheel off?

      I suspect you have to disconnect the cables in the rear controller compartment which you can get at with the bike folded.

      Does anyone service SamebikeS in the Uk?

      1. There isnt a plug unfortunately ,but, simply cut the ties holding the cable to the read supports, put the bike on its side and take off the wheel , the spare cable allowed will let you do whatever you need to do, even opening the motor , several videos on you tube.

  13. I have a problem that no speed is showing. I have Pro7 set to 1and Pro8 set to 100. Also power seems variable and not constant. Can you replace the controller? Or Can you factory reboot it? Thanks for any help.

  14. error 09 is a wire that has come off the hall sensor!. Open up the hub and it is probably a broken solder on one of the sensor wires attached to the circuit board and is an easy fix with a soldering iron and a bit of solder!!

  15. Hi Ivan
    Interesting SAMEBIKE read.
    Do you know the identity of the battery terminal connections, particular DC output (+) and Ground (? -).
    I am interested to see if I can trickle charge a GPS tracker from the same battery.
    Cheers, Ed

    1. Hi i not have samibike , but carefullly on battery have 48V for charge you need 5V , DC-DC step down converter can help

  16. Had my LO26 for two years, I must say for the money it’s great value. I changed the tires, front forks & the pedals, installed a rear rack, front &real lights, wing mirror for safe riding.
    I have done over 1000 Km & the battery is still 100%

  17. Dear I have samebike electric bike 500w .
    Model Lo26 .
    My cycle parameters setting is not fixed.
    Automatically on walk and push option I have try to fixed many time byself. But couldn’t successfully. I have attach pictures.
    Kindly guide me.

  18. Hello.
    I’have the samebike lo26 battery and motor 500w for fourteen months and I’ve done 1900 km so far. and I am very satisfied! recently the odometer stopped showing the speed and counting the kms! Can anyone help to solve this problem? thanks .

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