Solar LED keychain

Solar keychain I carry with me always happy. I will use it mainly when I’m on fish and need to shine. However, like sports and uses it, for example, even in the evening when I go to run.

Price Solar Key Chain is low, so I bought one key fob and the car, so in case of emergency I always light with you.
Solar keychain fits in your pocket, but also because of its light weight it can carry with you as a keyring.

When he was a nephew’s birthday, she bought him and this solar keychain. Like he plays football and often come home late from training. Key ring clips on the bag and when the evening darkness, shining with her when going along the road to the car in time saw him and threaten him that danger.

solar keychain

Tips solar key chains:

While I saw two tips Solar LED key chains – closing side key ring – ON / OFF button a second closing tip from behind.
Switching from the side has the advantage that the ON button is pressed, and the light is on all the time until it is turned off and OFF button.
Button behind has the disadvantage that if you still have a key ring footer, you must keep the button pressed.

led solar keychain

Keychain Solar LED can illuminate about 10 hours, just leave it in the sun for 2-3 hours. It is best to direct sunlight or well-lit room, windows, balconies, where the impact of the sun’s rays. Solar Keychain is in itself a true solar panel, which it is charged and always ready for use.

It contains three High Power lamps that light up very nicely. The lives of such diode is virtually endless – 80,000 hours.

led solar keychain features

 Features solar keychain:

  • Incredibly bright, visible over one mile
  • Micro size, portable
  •  Unbreakable LED lamp
  • 12+ hour battery life
  • Durable
  • Solar Life: 5 years
  • Illuminating: 2 hours lighting time
  • Charging Time: Full in 5 hours in sun
  • Dimensions:  6 x 3.5 x 1.1 cm (L x W x H)
  •  Material: ABS material shell High
  •  Weight: 0.78 oz / 22 g

2 thoughts on “Solar LED keychain”

  1. I once ordered one.
    It had
    a) standard non-rechargable Li cells,
    b) non-functioning solar cell without leads
    In other words: it was a total scam.

    1. you have truth , is many diferent supliers

      i have led light if is discharged expose the sun for one day and solar keychain charging
      LED have more power

      Scam is non-Rechargeable Li-ion combined with solar..

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