STC-3008 dual temperature controller with red blue display and two probes

Here is another good temperature control and monitoring device STC-3008 integrates two single themperature controllers in this article you will learn how to connect and set ,price and where to buy it, my review.

Here is pros :

  • Two two independent temperature controllers in one case
  • Red and Blue display
  • Two relay a two probes
  • Same size as other temperature controllers (for example as MH1210W)
  • Have alarm function and delayed start in min
  • Al values can set 0.1°C
  • Cheap a this price

Here is cons:

  • Nothing comes to mind two integrated temperature controller for 10 usd is very cheap

My verdict:

The STC-3008 is a valuable thermostat because at a cost of around 10 usd it gets two universal thermostats in one box. Each thermostat unit can be used separately for cooling or heating.Accuracy is very good to improve it by 0.1°C step calibration. STC-3008 has added  alarm function  and relay delay in minutes. The connection is similar to other temperature controller as Mh1210W, SHT-2000  more below in the manual…

Its good for hatcheries, terrariums, refrigerators, compressors, for controlling in 2 steps.





Diagram schematic and manual + video

In the rows below I will show you how to connect the STC-3008 as you set it to cool or heat + other functions.Maybe help with the setting my video on youtube – I show there how to set the STC-3008 thermostat for cooling and also for heating:


STC 3008 schematicManual how to connect wires on STC3008


Heating/cooling mode setting

Setting mode: setting (starting temperature): Press and hold the ▲ button to start the temperature flashing. Use ▲▼ key to set the starting temperature value.
Setting method: Start value <stop value (program automatically determines working mode is heating mode)

”  arrow button once to display the starting temperature. Long press the “up ” arrow button for about 3 seconds,The required temperature can be set by the up and down keys

Set the stop temperature:

Press the  button arrow  once to display the stop temperature. Long press the arrow  button for about 3 seconds and the stop temperature number flashes. The required temperature can be set by the up and down keys

Example in practice:

Heating use case: control the water heater, heat to 65 ° C to stop, the temperature drops back to 50 ° C and start heating again

The first step: heating mode, starting temperature <stop temperature
Step 2: Press and hold the ▲ button to start the temperature flashing. Use ▲▼ to set the starting temperature to 50 °C.
Step 3: Press and hold the ▼ button to stop the temperature flashing. Set the stop temperature to 65 °C with ▲▼ keys, and the setting is completed!
Refrigeration use case: use in the farm, the fan is ventilated to 26 ° C to stop, the temperature is raised to 30 ° C and the ventilation is started again.
Step 2: Press and hold the ▲ button to start the temperature flashing. Use ▲▼ to set the starting temperature to 30 °C.
The third step: long press the ▼ button to stop the temperature flashing, set the stop temperature to 26 °C by ▲▼, the setting is completed!


Press “Up 1” Button & “Up 2″Button at the same time to setting mode

Code Function Set Range Default
P0 Compressor 1 delay time 0-60min 0min
P1 Compressor delay time 0-60min 0min
P2 High temperature alarm value 55-120° C 120°C
P3 Low temperature alarm value 55-120° C -55°C



  • Display Type: Digital
  • Style: Standing Station
    Temperature sensor: NTC 10K 3435
  • Senor Length: 1.0m
  • Temperature measuring range: -55°C ~ 120°C
  • Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Accuracy:±1°C
  • Power supply: 110-220VAC±10%, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: <3W
  • Storage temperature: -30°C ~ 75°C
  • Relative humidity: 20% ~ 85% (No condensate)
  • Relay contact capacity: Two Relay Cool 10A/240VAC; Heat 10A/240VAC



36 thoughts on “STC-3008 dual temperature controller with red blue display and two probes”

  1. Attachment

    I have an STC-3028 but it came with no instructions. The 3008 is similar but only thing the blue display is for humidity. It’s displaying HHH and I’m not able to set it. Can you help?

  2. Do you know of a dual temperature controller that will chose a relay if a difference between the two probes is seen? For example, close relay if the temp in room A is greater than room B by 1deg.

  3. Question: on the stc-3008 how do you calibrate the sensor?
    -the temperature is out when i measure and i wish to calibrate.

  4. Hello,

    2 question.

    1st -Question
    I need to control 2 fans;
    Fan A must only work for temperatures greater than 60 ° C,

    Fan B must only work for temperatures greater than 40 ° C,

    Then at 34 ° C fan A and fan B will be turned off
    at 45 ° C only fan B will be switched on
    at 85 ° A and B will be lit.

    Can I use the STC-3008 to do this? How ?

    2nd Question
    Does the thermostat have the CE marking?

    Thank you

    1. Yes STC-3008 imagine as two temperature controller in one case
      Not have CE marking from, maybe have from Ketotek

  5. Dear Ivan,

    I want to use the STC3008 in my expedition truck to see inside and outside temperatur. I do not need any switching.
    On the display on your pictures I see only OUT in blue and OUT in red.

  6. Im looking to control two separate items with controllers, but are conditional upon each other. I want to control the temperature of a room and when the temperature goes above a certain point it turns on my chiller , pump and fans. But I also want a controller to check the temperature of my chiller and when the chiller liquid temperature say reaches 2C it shuts off the chiller compressor until that temperature reaches about 8C. Will the stc-3008 work for something like this, or would I be best to daisy chain two separate controllers where the first one turns on or off the entire system, and the second unit controls only the chiller?

  7. Attachment

    I would like to share some information that might be useful to know. As we could see from the clip and the photos, the display is very bright. In a matter of few days I lost first one segment and a day later another segment from the blue display. The thermostats, I bought STC3008 are 24V rated.
    I have examined the device closely and found out major mistakes in the circuit design. The display is wired against any logic:
    1. The current limiting resistors are connected to the common cathodes of the display instead of the segments (anodes).
    2. The current limiting resistors are only 47 Ohms. This makes the display to operate in much higher current than it is designed for. It operates around 64mA instead of max of 10mA.
    With this setup, no display would survive for long time.
    3. The power supply arrangement in the unit is also not very good. The design is made for internal 12V operation, and there are added resistors to lower the voltage for the relays that are with 12V coils. This makes the internal voltage to vary from 16V , through 12V and down to 9V depending on how many relays are on at a time.

    1. Interesting findings, I measured a voltage of about 220mV on the 47 Ohm resistors, so that’s about 4.7mA per segment (maybe it’s AC and I measured wrong), but I have the 220v version that’s running internally on ~12v.

    1. Maybee is Error code ” EEE” indicates that the probe sensor is not working properly, if you have correctly plug booth sensor i think you STC-3008 have bug

  8. 1. How can I make a 120-240vac unit operate on 12VDC? (I’m using the unit for automotive engine/transmission temperature monitoring).
    2. I need to use with 1/8-27 immersion type of sensors. Can you provide such sensors or define the resistance and beta of the sensors used so that I can find a source?

    1. 1. can buy 12 VDC version for 10 usd .
      2- Sensor is ntc10k can only this type 1/8-27 immersion type mus buy with ntc probe

  9. Bonjour J’ai besoin de faire démarrer un ventilateur lorsque la sonde A est >supérieur à B +5° et l’arrêt à B+5°
    Le STC 3008 est-il compatible?
    Si non, avez-vous un régulateur à proposer?

  10. Are the relay contacts capable of 10A load?
    For example, will a 1200W heating element work with the internal relay ?

  11. i have stc 3008 wwould like to no does the red light come on as i have pulged ithe heat bleat on and it is getting hot but no red on ,,,, can you use this unit if olny one out let

  12. No it’s not, it’s the same as the STC 1000, which is more simplified with one probe. The STC 3008 can’t keep a certain temperature with one relay, you need the other relay for that purpose as well. I don’t see the use of 2 probes, syncing the 2 relays, just doesn’t make sense. Room temperature for example set at 26, aircon and heater, STC 1000 does that with one probe.STC 3008 needs 2 probes for that.

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