Stress destroys health

Stress is part of our daily life.
The word stress comes from physics and is a pressure that acts on the body, and which can lead to tension and deformation of the body.
Psychologically, stress is the trouble, that certain requirements for physical and mental energy of man.

When a person gets into a situation which places greater demands on him, his body trying different cope with the situation and adapt to it. The mechanism by which this is done is termed stress.

Stress is the adaptive response of the organism to stimuli or situations that put man on excessive physical or mental demands.
Stimuli or situations that cause stress are stressors. Depending on whether the burden more physical or psychological website, we distinguish physical or psychological stressors.

Physical stressors as injury, cold, excessive temperature, and the like.

Psychological stressors as test, ill health, quarrel with partners and the like.

Many stressors is combined – burdening us after physical and mentally, for example, competitive sport, car crash, and the like.

One of the essential characteristics of stressful situations is changed. Any sudden unexpected change in a person’s life is stressogenic.

Effects of Stress

The effects of stress can be negative and positive.
The positive effects of stress are that it motivates us and prepares for performance.


The substances washed out into the blood during the alarm phase, neodb├║raj├║ and damage the body. Energy should not be discharged where, tension builds in us. In addition, we are experiencing stressful situations very often.

To effect this will have a stressful situation for a person depends on the stressor and the man himself.


From our subjective approach to life depends on how much stress we experience, respectively, how much will the negative consequences of stressful situations. Particular role to play accompanying emotions, such as whether to getting despair or anger over the fact “that beats me life.”

In relation to personality traits predispose a person to better stress management talk about resilience, resistance.

Such a person approaches the problem as a challenge – “I can do it.” He believes that his life has meaning, that is their destiny in their own hands.

stress is bad

Stress is bad

Stress is very bad for your health and great stress load is significantly detrimental to health: the man overcomes the bed has no appetite, work is “dragging” predominates irritation and fade pleasure from everything he used to do before and after mental fatigue can occur.
Vitally exhausted people complain about poor performance, loss of interest, lack of energy, depression and poor sleep. Severe forms of environmental depletion can lead to a heart attack.


How to relieve stress

It is best to actively seek a solution of the problem and, if necessary, request assistance. Solving the problem on your own is in line with the current trend in society – individuals should take care of their affairs themselves. Need to take care of themselves, individual autonomy and the increasing individualization are phenomena that we know too well.

If you have a medical problem, for example, we can seek the advice of your doctor, go to the library to read or write the necessary information about the problem in the magazine.

Speaking, reading or writing receive feeling that we are able to handle stress. Feeling that “something to do”, we often helps, although it may be far removed from reality. The very positive thought is able to improve our mood and good mood is good for health.

The second technique of coping with stress is to ask for help. If the matter can not be resolved on their own, we can go for a therapist. The therapist will teach us the art of acquiring control of the stress that causes us problems. Control must of course, get yourself a therapist for us solve the problem. Often, however, we can direct the solution.

Furthermore, we can find social support in the family or circle of friends and acquaintances. Support from others is an effective way to reduce or completely eliminate stress. It may be the opposite. Problems with others – whether it be our partner, family, or colleagues – are for many people the biggest stressors.
This is confirmed by statistics. When people can rely on the support of friends and acquaintances, reducing the risk of death in general and the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. The support of close friends and relatives can also improve our emotional state during a lengthy illness, thereby strengthening the immune system. Consolation, advice and assistance from our relatives are therefore quite valuable and beneficial to our health.
It is believed that when people are together, they feel better, and therefore have a better health.

stress in work

Another way to deal with stress is to create favorable conditions for a solution to the problem. We do not fight with stress itself, but to create a suitable climate and soon we will approach the problem differently. A good way is to distraction, for example, go on vacation, going to the movies, to dinner or engage in activity which, although related to the source of stress, but not directly. A cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a cigarette we may release.


Diseases that may occur as a result of stress

Furthermore, hysteria, panic, anger, crying, irritability, nervousness, three or inability to react calmly, stress is also responsible for the situation hypertension, immune deficiency, gallbladder pain, stomach and legs, muscle cramps, and frequent urination.

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