W1209WK 12V temperature controller with dual display and probe review manual

This temperature controller W1209WK is very good stuf , have dual LED display,probe  and another plus. I tested 8 pieces and have good experience which I will describe reviews with pros and cons, detailed instructions  how to plug and set this device with technical parameters.

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Price and buy

My review  pros and cons 

Complete Guide Manual 

Complete technical parameters

Now I am describing my experience with the W1209WK temperature controller, I tested 8 pieces all is OK.

Price and buy

Temperature controller can buy from Ebay or AliExpress, good price varies around about 3-6 usd shipping included.Keep in mind that at low cost 3-4 usd sell thermometers  not temperature controllers but the W1209WK is very cheap.

W1209WK price on Aliexpress

Here are the pros and cons of W1209WK temperature controller:

Here is pros 

  • Control accuracy is 0.1 °C it is a great advantage !
  • Dual display with red blue color it is also useful.
  • Small size only  48 * 28mm with case housing with clips.
  • Owns all the main functions that need good thermostat hysteresis, calibration, delayed start, and other ..
  • Very good price .

Here is cons

  • Temperature sensor could be longer, sensor is 30 cm long I would welcome about 1 meter.
  • When controlling, sometimes miss I don’t have to press both buttons at the same time.
  • the temperature jumps 0.3-0.6C this can cause problems if the hysteresis is below 1C.

Verdict: W1209WK is very valuable device for price under 5 usd you get a complete thermostat which has a separate relay, sensor, alarm, dual display, and all the necessary functions that have more expensive temperature controlers, in addition it is small case.

Features and name is w1209wk similar to xh-w1209 temperature controller but w-1209-wk is a better choice because it has a black cover and two displays, the price is the same for both temperature controllers.

Detailed description of temperature controller W-1209-WK

Now I will describe thermostat and control , i will try to describe accurately.The device W 1209 WK includes five main components:

All components in a small space

  1. The display is red a blue, it shows 2x three digits, the amount of 1 cm and length of 2.3cm.Clearly shows the temperature value withe the one decimal place.Red is actual temperature on probe, blue color is “set value”.
  2. There are two buttons to the left of the display which control the thermostat W1209WK. First buton is “SET”  for acces to setup or choose temperature. Second buttons is for switching between grade Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  3. On the back of the thermostat there is a green terminal block for power supply + – and 1-2 terminals for relay,NTC10k temperature sensor connector in right corner is alarm buzzer.
  4. The sensor for the temperature controller XH-W1209  is placed in a simple white socket.It is about 30 cm long with active iron end.Type of temperature sensor is clasic NTC 10K 0.5% .

W1209WK Manual

Here is diagram and manual for temperature controller W1209WK


Functions and settings of the temperature controller

At the beginning it is good to introduce thermostat control for easy work. The W1209WK has two control buttons on the SET, and °C/°F .If you press the SET button for 2 seconds enters the menu with seven options for setting the thermostat (P0,P1,P2,P3,P4,P5,P6,P7).

In the temperature controller W1209WK menu will move with buttons SET and – °C/°F to select the value or raising or lowering the temperature.

How set goal temperature:

Quickly click the SET button ,blue value si blinking and with button “set” and °C/°F increase or decrease.

Relay switch on , mini LED light ON.

Whe is alarm activated buzzer beep and display show in red display —.

Code Description Setting
P0 Heating / cooling H/C C
P1 Return difference 0.1-30 2.0
P2 Set upper limit 110 110
P3 Set lower limit -50 -50
P4 Temperature correction -15-15 0
P5 Delay start 0-10 0
P6 High temperature alarm -50-110  
P7 Celsius / Fahrenheit (this can also be done by pressing the C/F button) CS/FH CS
P8 Factory reset (this can also be done by holding SET and C/F at the same time for an extended length of time) ON-OFF OFF

Complete technical parameters of temperature controller W1209WK:

  • Control range: -50*-110 degrees Celsius
  • Resolution: the -9.9-99.9 of 0.1 degrees Celsius, 1 degrees Celsius temperature section of the other
  • Accuracy of temperature: 0.1 degrees
  • The control accuracy: 0.1 degrees Celsius
  • Return difference accuracy: 0.1 degrees Celsius
  • The refresh frequency: 0.5s
  • High temperature protection: 0-110 degrees Celsius
  • Input voltage: DC 12V
  • Measurement of the input: NTC (10K 0.5%) waterproof type sensor
  • The output range: 10A relay (some version W1209WK)
  • Environmental requirements: -10-60 degrees Celsius, humidity: 20%-85%
  • Size: 48*28mm
  • Power consumption: static current: <=35MA operating current: <=65MA
  • Display type: 0.28 inch three digital tube 2x red blue

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