Waterproof voltmeter green, blue,red

blue waterproof voltmeterWaterproof voltmeter  is good thing for Motorcycle , 4×4 quad. Voltmeter is realy waterproof and stubborn.
We produce it in China but quality is very good. Voltmeter have good accuracy . You can buy this voltmeter in three colors : blue,red, green. Lights up very nicely  but under the sun is not seen nothing 🙁 I have to use  hand to cover the from sun.
His price is about 3.5 usd or 6 usd (ebay, dealextreme).
Bee Carefull watterproof voltmeter is in two versions first have measuring range from 3.3V-30V and second version of this voltmeter have measuring range 15-120V and not cannot be suitable for car or motocycle with 12V battery.
There is good voltmeter for my car or truckwaterproof voltmeter voltmeter in water voltmeter dimensions green watterproof blue waterproof voltmeterParameters of voltmeter:

Dimensions: 40 x 25x 25mm

Measure range: DC3-30V (Do not need Power Supply, Measure 3-30V directly )

Maximum input: DC30V

Permissible Error: 1% (+ / – 1 Digit)

Display: three 0.4 “LED digital tube

Display Color: Blue

Refresh rate: about 500mS

Current consumption: about 5-20mA

Operating temperature: -10 °c ~ 65 °c

Voltmeter with Waterproof, Oil Pollution Prevention, Moistureproof, Shockproof, Dust-proof

With Reverse polarity protection

There is nonwaterproof voltmeters green blue red

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