Why baby cries at night?

Every parent desires to make his child good night spinkalo and it should be stressed that good sleep is very important for the child and in terms of mental as well as physical pages. Child spends comfortable all day with the family, play with it, just pay him in all his pages. So why are the baby crying at night?

First of all it is necessary that parents really devote enough time to their child or you just think. In the case of families with multiple children, one child may perceive that he pay less than the other one and it has unfortunately resulted in the child can sleep during the night crying because his feelings during the day “suffocating” in itself, and during the night may come outside.

During sleep, you sleep as well at night during any time of awakening to your child feel comfortable and in particular what is important to him is safety and security. If the child wakes up during the night, it is necessary to seek him, reassure him that you’re there with him and that everything is good.

Falling asleep child is a situation where it can restrain particularly strengthen or weaken the contrary. It depends on the access parent.

If a child is experiencing restful sleep, and feel safe and at night does not cry, the time and want to go alone spinkať than assuming that they will feel threatened at night. I grown to be so we do not perceive that the child feels threatened but baby all consistently perceived.

Child or experiencing sleep as I mature. First, for a period of approximately 20 minutes occurs light sleep, sleep tzv.REM and gradually passes into a deep sleep, so it is important to stick to it for at least a period of REM sleep and not just put him to sleep and go off on its own (eg finish watching your favorite soap opera). During sleep, the child alternates easy REM sleep deeper and non-REM sleep, and you have small children less than older children and adults. Up to half sleeping baby forms REM sleep, and it is according to scientists the sleeping important for the development of the brain.

Determine your child will also help it when the day is not only that he will pay but you will fondle, caress him and let him know that you are there for him and that you love him too. I know unfortunately also those people who think that playing with the child while it supposedly coat and yelled in his face. Although child laughs, but tonight, respectively, during the night may be the wake of the child in the form of tears. I call paint during the day when the child lures, but in my opinion the child is all deepened during sleep, and gives rise to such states. The child should be brought up with love, without stress and especially in the “quiet area”

what to do for the child to sleep better at night

– If the baby is sleeping regularly during the day, has several quality sleep longer the better you will spinkať night. Rarely will help if the baby sleeps in the afternoon for several hours just to get a well slept night. After about 2-3 hours of sleep each awakening needs to rest and not overloaded
Help the fresh air, walking outdoors, sunshine
“Sport” – activities – swimming, exercising with babies, various other activities
peaceful evening – stimuli, regular rituals (swimming, reading ….)
frequent breastfeeding early evening (if you can) – try to empty the breast very well, so that the baby drank a lot of fat cream cleaners – fills him for a long time
the baby after half fed complementary foods up to 2 hours before bedtime, so it does not hurt tummy
if the baby does not know to asleep, breastfeed him calmly and much more, even ribbons and drink – perfect in the bedroom, in the gloom, only the baby and mum
carrying in a bag or scarf so that the baby was “cut off” from the environment
at night – to breastfeed in the gloom, already at the first signs of hunger, rather than wait until the baby cries
the baby may be cold, heat, may feel uncomfortable – wind, reduce the temperature in the bedroom
sleeping bag helps if it is the baby learned from an early age
Therefore, it is ideal to use breastfeeding to sleepy after breastfeeding as breast and gently pull the baby translate into beds
Try to get when you wake up in the baby as much cream cleaners, because the baby sleepy slow flow cream cleaners will help to compress the breast, or their prestriedanie
midnight babies tend to have a good, deep sleep, it is fine to use it and to calm him before – in time to about 19 -20. hours
after midnight already phases of sleep and wakefulness turns, the baby wakes up frequently
Help – sleeping in the bed joint. The baby, that feels that the bed and the moms will not expelled, shall be released and a few days will sleep better at mum
some children disturb others – Daddy helps move to another room
some older children the best sleep for quite the same in his little room


It helps mash the night? Hardly. Overcast stomach, the baby has severe porridge long grass. The baby can sleep more difficult, tummy hurts him. Bought instant porridge are also disguised form of artificial nutrition. The baby was first met with cow protein. It does not make him a problem digesting itself cereal, but the confrontation with artificial nutrition. Such porridge is also very sweet. In the earlier the baby is much better to put the baby for example. porridge, which fills up the long, has a low glycemic index.
First based foods – vegetables, fruits – have fewer calories and less than fills the breast milk. Therefore, it is possible that the baby will be hungry than before. This will help mix up a steep parent instead of milk, which was aspirated immediately after breastfeeding. Such cleaning milk contains too much fat, more than cow’s milk or artificial.
First baby foods are a huge hit in baby’s digestion. Many are unable to poop, scallop them bolieva belly … which could result in the restless nights.
When “unlearn” the baby of frequent nocturnal breastfeeding – if it is able to understand that mamičkine interests may be different than his. It soon as possible after the first year, usually to about a year and a half. At a time when it is able to respond and understand other commands or prohibitions. At that time the mother may tone of voice, gestures … the baby indicates that it is night, sleeps and has not suck every hour. Of course, each other and the baby is going to be sensitive to it. At this stage it the typical “education” – help consistency and clarity.

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