Why should I drink water in the summer?

Water is one of the basic needs of life for man. Without it, he endured the world’s only a few days. This is a water required for drinking, but also bathing, cooking and washing, the.

Basis drinking regime is non-caloric liquid form, that is basically just water. The ideal form as natural spring water.

Drinking regime to be followed every day, but especially in the summer, our body requires most fluid intake. Therefore, we have needed to hydrate the body, not just when we feel that we are thirsty. If it be a warning sign that our body is hydrated and needs to add plenty of fluids, otherwise destroy your health.


Why should we drink a lot of water?

Since approximately 60% of adult human being water. In children, it is about 70 percent of seniors and it’s about half. Since water is a natural part of our, if you exclude (urine, sweating and breathing), we must also complement it.


When to drink?
To complement the fluid should be continuously throughout the day, and in the morning you should drink more intense than in the afternoon or evening, which you do not burdened with kidney before going to sleep and did not wake up at night to the toilet. Your digestive system will help if having a glass of lukewarm water after an overnight fast.


What happens if you do not drink?
The blood in the body ceases to flow, one gets dizziness and convulsions, his urine is dark and cloudy.
A bit drastic comparison, but to a man respected in summer drinks, very effective.

water in a summer

 How much should an adult day drink water:

A good and practical guidance, the following formula:
drink daily 40 ml for each kg of body weight, for example:
2 l – if you weigh 50 kg
2.4 l – if you weigh 60 kg
3.2 l – if you weigh 80 kg
4 liters – if you weigh 100 kg

When sweating fluid intake increases by +10 to 25%;
elevated body temperature, fluid intake increased by 12.5% for every 1 ° C above normal temperature.


If you have high blood pressure, choose a water with very low sodium, less than 50 mg per liter, or prefer to drink only pure water.

 Ice water in summer? No.

Ice water in summer while you seemingly refreshed, but very quickly from you in the heat of evaporation, which actually means that you drank unnecessarily. I’m sure you’ve heard that people in deserts drink hot tea.

It is precisely because the precious liquid not spend unnecessarily, keep them in a hydrated body.


Both the water?

If you do not just want the water can reach beyond other beverages. Feel it can also be energy drinks that give us energy, or even coffee, but there is no need to overdo them, they are particularly recommended various herbal teas, which in the summer pleasantly refresh, or 100% juice (preferably homemade fresh fruit) .

Liquids are also found in the diet, particularly in some fruit and vegetables. Nevertheless, the 80% of the daily fluid intake should be in the form of drinks consumed than milk, which is considered a food.


During the hot summer days of our skin evaporates more water solar radiation and heat. It should never leave the skin properly hydrated even when we think that our skin a rest. No sun or wind, or bathing in salt water, air conditioning in the car, this is another reason for hydrating the skin drinks, or silicon.

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