Raw eating

Raw food – the food system with one simple rule – take food which has not undergone heat treatment, respectively. when the processing has not been used a high temperature of 48 ° C.

In today’s busy times people prefer a diet of fast food and watching television during a rather indulgent package crisps or chocolate during the stress period, provided that chocolate helps our stress and energises. It is the empty calories that our body needs and thus converts them into fat pads, and therefore so beautiful, they recruit. Similarly, work and energy drinks sweetened sodas and alcohol that we have during the day to encourage.

Food that has been received in its raw state, is spending around the stomach and intestine for about an hour, supports perfect digestion, helps to remove the natural movement of waste substances from the colon regular emptying.

Meals eaten at the state when it was edited, cooking and other needs about 3 hours form the waste in our body. After this meal followed by leukocytosis, increasing the number of white blood cells induced digestion.

Raw Food Diet – gradual transformation

Gradually, we begin to renew my taste buds and we will enjoy the raw food. The conversion of some meals for crude may take six months for the other two years. It depends on the man himself.

In the beginning it will want a lot of will, because surely you want a candy and the like. It takes a time. After a period of detoxification occurs, as we can not be two times enjoyable.

Human digestive system is long, as with all herbivores in nature. I think that most of the diet should consist of plant food.

The raw diet is best to act as a medicine. A side effect of detoxification is the fact that optimizes weight.

raw eating

Raw food is costly?

It is not. For RAW diet will mainly need: lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, of course, but in terms of kitchen appliances in the raw diet you use blender, juicer, grinder, then something will serve as nakličovadlo a kitchen thermometer to determine the temperature of heating to 42-43 degrees Celsius.

Our daily diet should consist of about 2/3 to 3/4 of fruit, 1/4 rest should be vegetables. This substitute not a lot of nuts and oil seeds, or germinated seeds (cereals, legumes).
Day is advisable to start drinking water (tea, macerate, low mineral), this phase may take progressively the entire morning. First we eat fruit, juicy first (melons, grapes, citrus fruits, peaches, currants …), later richer (apples, pears, apricots, bananas and finally dried fruit). For lunch should be vegetables, but if you do not want to carry with you to work, Dine rich fruit. Vegetables we eat for dinner. Snack turn can be fruit or nuts and oilseeds. Dinner will be vegetables – eat more types as pieces or as a salad or mixing mini. Enrich it sprouted seeds, which can also be considered as vegetables (in the process of germination alters the nutritional ingredients).


The principle of the right combination of foods

This is a fundamentally different as the division of the diet! It is based on the chemical nature of the food and digestive juices. To spend any protein (nuts, seeds) need to build an acidic nature. Starches (cereals, pulses, maize) require health policies. Acids and bases neutralize each other, and if we add these various digestive juices, food remains in the stomach undigested, proteins begin to rot and ferment starches. This results in bloating, heartburn, pain, disease.

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