Gunai MX25 My repair and review of the offroad electric bike

Maybe you are thinking about buying a powerful offroad e-bike in this review you will describe advantages and disadvantages of Gunai MX25, all the technical parameters where and how to get it. I had the opportunity to repair it, so I can give an in-depth review.

First, I will mention the repair of the gunai mx25 electric bike, which will clarify my opinions in the review.

Repair experience first

The e-bike needed to replace the control unit because the original one blew up, and the display kept showing an error. I ordered a new one, not exactly the same, on aliexpress, it works fine, except for a strange sound when starting up. Here is a link to the control unit with the display.

The problem with the original control unit was that the circuit board was touching the aluminum casing, this caused a short circuit and spilled tin on the electronics

Controller replacement from aliexpress
Original gunai MX25 controller

Another problem is the engine, yes the electric bike itself goes very fast like a real motorcycle, only the engine can burn up on a hill, you need a big piece of iron that weighs 5 kg or more, for example “Magic pie motors or “Hub zilla” could be an example. Even better would be a central engine “for example Cyklone”.I see this motor as a good 500w, but the control unit puts 2000w into it.

So, now the review as I see the Gunai MX25?

On paper and in appearance, the gunai electric bike is attractive and nicely processed, for example the display, the location of the control unit, comfortable ride, the large front light, the bike looks like Batman.

The large 25Ah battery should ensure a long range even without pedaling, I didn’t test the battery capacity, so I can’t evaluate it (personally, it seemed soft to me, the voltage dropped under load, but I didn’t have a charger)

The GUNAI MX25 electric off-road bike with its powerful 2000W 48V 25AH Li-ion battery is a great option for those looking for a high-performance e-bike. With a top speed of 50 km/h and a range of 70-75 km with assistance, this e-bike is perfect for those looking for a thrilling and long-lasting ride.

The aluminum alloy frame of the bike is both robust and secure, ensuring safety while riding. The bike also features three different driving modes – pedal mode, pedal assist mode, and electric mode – which allows for versatile riding options to suit your needs.

The intelligent LCD meter on the bike allows you to keep track of your riding data, adding to the overall experience of the ride. The control unit communicates directly with the display, many parameters can be set, for example, acceleration from a standstill, maximum speed, control by PAS sensor and adding handle.More in the manual

However, there are a few drawbacks to the bike, including a poorly designed control unit which can cause the bottom part to short circuit with the casing. Additionally, the hub motor may struggle to handle heat during uphill rides.

Overall, the GUNAI MX25 is a powerful and exciting e-bike that provides a fun and long-lasting ride. While there are a few downsides to the bike, they are outweighed by its performance and versatility.

If you ride flats and lower hills it will be a good choice

Here is pros and cons:


  • Nice design of the electric bike, I like its lights
  • Really high power 2000W Gunai goes straight
  • The control unit has a really large number of settings through the display.
  • Comfortable ride with a suspension frame


  • The control unit could have had a more safely stored circuit in an aluminum case
  • The engine could be bigger for better heat dissipation on the hill

Manual for controler and display

Set up operation(Only need to set P03, P06, P07, P10, P13)

Press “+” and ” -” button together 3 seconds to enter the setting interface;
※ Press “M” button to enter setting item;press up and down button to select parameter;

P01:meter backlight;
P02:Mileage unit,0:KM;1:MILE;
P03:Voltage level, Base operating voltage;
P04:Sleep Time, 0: no-sleep, unit: min
P05:Assist position,0:3,1:5,mode;
P06: Wheel Diameter, unit: inch;Accuracy:0.1;
P07: Number of speed magnets , range :1-100; ( Note: here only for set speed display, doen’t affect the actual speed)
P08:Speed Limit, Range:0-50km/h,50: means Unlimited speed;(When speed big than setting speed, Turn off the PWM output)
P09:Zero or non-zero start,0:zero start; 1:non-zero start;
P10:Drive Mode setting: 0 : Power Drive, throttle invalid; ( Assist power)
1: Electric throttle Drive mode, Assist invalid;
2: Both assist and throttle are effective;
P11:Boost sensitivity setting, range:1-24;
P12:Boost start strength setting, range:1-5;
P13:PAS Assist Type Setting.( 5/8/12) Single Hall PAS : set to 5 /8 Double Hall PAS : Set to 12
P14 :P15:Not opened functions;
P16:ODO clear; long press up button 5 seconds to clear;

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