KT3100 Wall socket temperature controller and timer

Temperature controller KT3100 is useful good stuf , have LCD display (not LED),probe and can timer  . I tested about 30 pieces and have good experience which I will describe reviews with pros and cons, detailed instructions  how to set menu for timer and heating cooling .

Price and buy

Temperature controller can buy from Ebay or AliExpress, good price varies around about 15 usd shipping included. Here is link on Ketotek official store

Price on Aliexpress

My review:

The Chinese AC wall plug thermostat of course has a good price, standard good design.The design is identical to plug-in wattmeters and timers.Probably the biggest difference is the temperature sensor located on the side, when shopping you can choose different sensor lengths of 1m and 3m.

Wide Range of Application: This temperature controlled outlet plug is widely used for greenhouse, reptile, incubator, terrarium, freezer, refrigerator, heater, fridge, homebrew, vivarium, fermentation, heat mat, and other temperature-controlled system. It can also be used as a timer for cycle timing and countdown.

You can use the thermostat to switch devices, for example, a heating pad, a cooling fan, or a heater.

I consider it a negative that the KT3100 works either as a timer or as a temperature controller. You cannot set the activation of the thermostat according to the timer.

Here is pros:

  • Good price about 15usd
  • The device is reliable and well made
  • You can place the temperature sensor on the cable where it is needed
  • The display is OK and the controls work well

Here is cons:

  • A thermostat with a timer cannot work together in combination


It’s a good piece for the money,you have a thermostat or timer in one device.When buying, pay attention to the correct choice of socket, EU, FR, US, UK, AU are available.Maybe you don’t need to buy KT3100 from Ketotek you can buy OEM outlet thermostat on aliexpress I think they are the same.

Manual and instructions

1. Function The external temperature detector can detect the temperature Set the start and stop temperatureCycle timing, start and stop time, timer switchIt is widely used in intelligent control, such as carbon heating, aquaculture,greenhouse, home life and other places.

  • Press MODE LCD display: temperature control mode Timing mode F01-F04
  • Open circuit (or less than -40°C), the first row of the screen flashes display “E1”, -40~-45°C, display -40°C
  • Short circuit( or more than 120°C ), the first row of the screen flashes displaty “E2”, 121-129°C display  120°C
  • Lower than -10°C, or higher than 100°C, it will not display value behind the decimal point
  • Refrigeration mode, start temperature > Stop temperature
  • Heating mode, start temperature < stop temperature

3. Mode buttonPress MODE. LCD display: temperature control modeTiming mode F01-F04

F01Cycling timing mode, start time(ON)/stop time(OFF) cycling timing.

F02Count down ON mode, now Ti.s OFF, delayed(start time) ON

F03 Count down OFF mode, now Ti.s ON, delayed(stop time) OFF, countdown completion, turn off the output and exit the run

F04 Count down ON Count down OFF mode, now OFF, delayed (start time) ON, After starting delayed ( Stop time )OFF, Stop the time to finish the countdown, close out the output and exit the operation

Temperature correction function

Long press mode button on electricity, real time temperature  calibration after 2 secondsReal time temperature correction range: -9.9~9.9°C

Long press the SET for 5 seconds to automatically exit, do not save modificationLong press MODE button to exit, save the cuttent correction modification Screen lock protection function

Press the RESET to restore the screen for one second, and restore the factory settings. Long press MODE for 5 seconds, Then the heating or the coolling mode will flash, then it can work Memory function after power off.

 Technical parameters

  • Voltage 100-250V AC 50Hz
  • Max Load: 16A(2) 3680W.u (15A for US type )
  • Temperature Range: -40~120°C
  • Accuracy: +/- 1℃Timing
  • Accuracy: MAX 10 minutes
  • Temperature range: -40~120°C

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