D69-2049 AC Color display Voltmeter Ammeter with Wattmeter and Energy meter with 100A CT

In this article you will learn about D69-2049 AC electrical panel meter: my experiences ,cons and pros,how right conection and manual , all technical parameters and where to buy it.

Device have nice color display and is suitable for measuring AC voltage and current, the meter can show the power and total flow of energy – energy meter. With the meter you can measure the consumption (or power) AC motors, heating coils, lighting, all AC electrical devices.

Price and where to buy

Wattmeter can buy from Ebay or AliExpress, good price is under 20 usd shipping included. D69-2049 is cheap and good quality electrical meter  When you buy the 80V-300V version, it is suitable for US or 200-400V is suitable for the EU. Here are direct links where you can buy the device at a good price:

 Review with Pros and Cons

Meter D69-2049 has very good color display LED where it clearly shows the electrical values , can simultaneously measure and display the AC voltage, AC current, active power and electric energy (electricity consumption) is his biggest advantage.

The current measurement is via CT current transformer it is an excellent solution, a large electrical current can flow without interruption, without connections, outside the electronic device itself, CT is rated 0-100A and well measure low current consumption.

Other benefits include: automatic storage of information in case of failure, easy installation in the panel and electrical conections see more in the manuals.

Meter D69-2049 has two voltage version 80-300V version good for US 110V and EU 230V and 200-450V suitable for EU voltage 230V and 400V (three phase)

As a disadvantage i consider the manufacturer’s introduction in the manual: “Meter will be destroyed when use to measure square wawe output of inverter and correction sine wawe”  I tested it on an ordinary 12V to 230V converter with modified sinusoid and worked great! (Maybee not connect to very poor inverter with generating disturbing peaks)

D69-2049 can be powered by AC invertor


  • Nice color display
  • Good accuracy (but can not be calibrated)
  • Easy connect and instalation
  • Plastic back cover
  • Price is cheap 


  • Manufacturer  recommend only for 50 hz and for pure sine (but work great on square sinus converter – i tested it)
  • Can not be calibrated 

D69-2049 Multi-Function Digital Meter Manual and wiring diagram:

According to connection graph. Power phase and neutral wire connect to the green terminal. Curent transformer to
the blue terminal of meter  and make the wire ofmeasurement circuit through the hole in the current transformer ass see diagram o back side meter or this schematic:

  • Do not  connect AC power in to blue terminal damage the meter !
  • Connect the wiring diagram according to the wiring diagram. And connect the secondary terminal of the current transformer (green lead) to the blue terminal of the meter, and pass the wire of the measuring circuit through the middle hole of the current transformer.
  • Connect the voltage measurement lead to the green terminal of the meter and get electrified. And start reading the measurement results.
  • After the power is on, the meter displays the measured value,
  • Press the clearing button on the front panel of the meter for 5 seconds, and the meter’s accumulated value will be cleared.

Technical parameters:

  • AC Voltage Input and measurement:  AC 80.0-300.0 V (or AC200.0-450.0 V) the user should select a suitable range of D69-2049 when ordering.
  • AC current: AC 0-99.99 A current display resolution is 0.01A, and displays 100.0A when it is over 100A.
  • Active Power: the measurement range is 0-45000W, and display resolution between 0-9999.9W is 0.1W, and the rest is 1W
  • Power: measuring range is 0-9999 999kwh
    • Minimum display resolution within
    • 0-9999.999kwh is 0.001kwh
    • 10 000.00-99 999.99kwh is 0.01kwh
    • 100 000.0-999 999.9kwh
  • Overall Dimensions: 79 * 43 * 48 mm / 3.11 * 1.69 * 1.89 inches
  • Installation Size: about 76 * 39 mm / 2.99 * 1.54 inches
  • Save Function / Memory Function / Auto Save function: when power is off, the meter will automatically save the current power value, and will read the value and continue to accumulate it after after being electrified.

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  1. Good afternoon, If you turn on 60Hz AC it could cause the readings error since it doesn´t check P=V.I. thankful.

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