how to improve accuracy of a measurement DDH303L AC voltmeter + ammeter

I buy theese  cheap AC meter on amazon and ebay his accuracy is not bad and not good  +- 10V on 230V AC Voltage is  not pretty but to much big. Current measurement accuracy is about 0.5A – 1A , It’s bigger tolerance. But no woory !!! these meters can you calibrate ,you can set accuracy for better values , both V and A ..

Here is model as wattmeter-D69-2049

My video : How to improve accuracy of a measurement DDH303L AC voltmeter + ammeter

First step you must know the scheme diagram for DDH303L AC voltmeter + ammeter .

This is schematic  :

schematic ammter voltemter 300x293

Second step is  choose small screwdriver , i choose flat 1.4mm for good setting two trimers one for voltage second for amperage

screwdriver for calibration

Step three is conect VA meter by diagram by first pictures diagram,

Warning !! circiut of Volt-ammeter do not conecting under voltage !!! 110V-220 is dangerous !!

1 Connect power suply 110 od 220V AC voltage

2 Connect load , Phase inserted through the toroid!

voltmeter ammeter DDH-303L

Step four  See 2 holes :

Hole 1 is pot (trimer) for accuracy of measurement AC Voltage located at the green terminals (Power supply)

Hole 2 is pot (trimer)for accuracy of measurement AC Amps located under  connector for toroid trafo.

improve accuracy voltmeter ammeter DDH-303L

trim for improve accuracy amps

Step five Take the screwdriver to turn the trimmer for amps or voltage

1 if you turn left  values on volt – ammeter has been increase

2 if you tur right values on volt – ammeter  has been reduced

Warning ! I have AC VA connected to power !! when  turn pots  with screwdriver , i see values for amperage and voltage on displey , but is dangerous !!!! be carefull!!!  

If you not good electrician turn off  from 220V 110V plug !! turn  with trimers and turn on volt ammeter.

After calibration cann get reach better measurement accuracy , its work very precision work!

About DDH303L AC voltmeter + ammeter

This meter is suitable for measuring voltage and current in the sources, chargers, inverters.

Parameters of these volt-ammeters

  • Working Mode: Voltage and current dual display,2-wires
  • Measuring Range: AC100-300V, AC0.1-100.0A (with sensor transformer)
  • Display: LCD, blue backlight, 3 digits;Accuracy: 1% +/- 2 digits
  • Power Consumption: <0.2 VA;Can directly replace the 85L17 Analog current and voltage meter

schematic voltmeter ammeter ac voltmeter ampermeter voltage current display

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  1. Warning: my SSH303L displayed more than 30V too much. The cause was the 0.47 µF brown capacitor that had dropped in value. It must be replaced by an X2 type capacitor. The displayed values ​​have become correct again.

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