LiitoKala Lii-PD4 charger 18650 Li-ion or NiMH/CD

If you need good charger with a display that you can shows the charging voltage and measures the capacity of the cells Lii-PD4 it will be a good choice.In this article, you will read the pros and cons ,test device how charge 18650 cells.

I need to charge 18650 lithium cells, and at the same time check their capacity Lii-PD4 works very well. But brand Liitokala is less known especially if you do not deal with chargers.

“LiitoKala” is from China and is made in China. Has 13 years of experience in battery charger technology. In 2015, we decided to let people around the world use state-of-the-art battery chargers, so we created the LiitoKala brand here is official shop page on Aliepxress.


  • The advantages are the conversion clearly model Lii-PD4 you can connect directly to the network (in my case 230V Eu) and also has a port to a 12V source.
  • LCD show battery type, relative in % and absolute charged capacity mAh ,charge current mode 500mA/1000mA/2000mA,cels voltage,charging time,
  • Battery type , LiitoKala LiI-PD4 can charge NiMH/Nicd 1,2V , LiFePO4 3.2V,Li-ion 3.6V,LiPo3.7V
  • Fast charge / 4 slot measuring capacity and other electrical quantities is for each of all four slots.
  • Multiple safety protection functions such as overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, and reverse connection protection can automatically and automatically identify bad batteries.


  • Non USB,USB support is great even though the charger could only charge in 500 mA mode.
  • The 12V adapter would sew especially if you recharge the batteries in a car.
  • The charger does not have significant disadvantages


The charger has a price from 20usd-30usd, I think it’s a good price due to the benefits and features that the charger offers.The display is clear plastics are strong with pasive cooling ,I can recommend a battery charger.


  • Brand Name: LiitoKala
  • Model Number: Lii-PD4
  • Input Voltage: AC 110-240V 50/60Hz; DC 12V/1A
  • Output voltage:
  • DC 4.2V for Li-ion
  • DC 4.35V for IMR
  • DC 3.65V for LiFePO4
  • DC 1.48V for NiMH/Cd

Output current:

  • Li-ion/IMR/LiFePO4: 2000mA * 1 (only the passage 4), 1000mA * 2, 500mA * 3, 500mA * 4
    NiMH/Cd: 1000mA * 2, 500mA * 2, 500mA * 3, 500mA * 4

Rechargeable battery specifications:

  • Li-ion/IMR/LiFePO4: 26650, 20700, 18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16340 (RCR123), 14500, 10440
  • NiMH/Cd: AA, AAA, SC, C
  • Color: Black
  • Main Item Size: approx. 14.7 * 10 * 3.7cm / 5.78 * 3.93 * 1.45in
  • Main Item Weight: approx. 216g / 7.61oz
  • Main Package Size: approx. 17.8 * 14 * 4cm / 7.00 * 5.51 * 1.57in
  • Main Package Weight: approx. 314g / 11.07oz

    Package List:
    1 * Battery Charger
    1 * Power Adapter
    1 * User Manual (English & Chinese)

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