T2310 Time Controller with 1.37TFT display (12V-24V/AC110V-220V) Review and instructions manual

In this article, you will learn the pros and cons instructions on how to set it up and control it.

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Price and buy

My review  pros and cons 

Complete Guide Manual 

Complete technical parameters

Price and buy 

Controller which is sold in two versions 12V / 24V for DC and 110V-220V for AC. The good price is around 4-5 usd include shipping.

My view of the timer

Timer evaluates positively works properly I can set various time units (hours, minutes and seconds)I can combine time units, for example, hours with minutes or seconds, which is extremely useful and many timers don’t know.

For example, after two hours, the relay turns on for 10 seconds.

Maybe the output will not suit everyone because the output voltage appears if the power supply is 110V so the voltage at the output is 110V … be careful!



  • good TFT digital display 1,37 show digits clearly
  • 5 modes functions of switching outuput
  • Independent crystal oscillator, more accurate timing
  • good value/for price


  • the manufacturer’s manual does not include how to set the time value, I signed the procedure below in my manual
  • controller is only a countdown operation and cannot be set to a 24-hour working mode.


The original instructions do not describe how to change the set time value.T2310 is a good time cycler module with modes that are useful in most applications. You can use the timer to control lighting, motors, heating although where you need to time the time, turn off the device. It is a small step towards automation and ease of operation.

Instructions manual for timer cycler T2310

In these lines I will describe how to set the time various modes and the like, first look at the scan of the original manual below is my transcript which can help.

Here is schematic for time controller both version 12/24V and 110-220V

oficial manual from manufacturer

Press the SET button twice the value in the PV line starts flashing with the up / down arrows increasing or decreasing the value with the SET button confirm the value and the SV value starts flashing again with the up / down arrows increasing or decreasing the value with the SET button.

Play-Stop button Allows you to start and stop the timer, when pressed for a long time, it restart timmer.

Press and hold the SET button to get to the menu where you can change the time units and cycle types

P0 – PV time value 1-Seconds, 2-Minutes 3-Hours

P1- SV time value 1-Seconds, 2-Minutes 3-Hours

P2- Operating mode

P2 = 0- The relay is switched off after the PV value has been switched on and remains switched on

P2 = 1- The relay is switched on and after the PV value is delayed it switches off and remains off

P2 = 2 Relay is off timed PV value, then turns on timed SV value and turns off permanently

P2 = 3 The relay is switched on reads the SV value, then switches off the timer SV value and switches on permanently

P2 = 4 is an “infinite” cycler with the relay first time the off PV value and then on time the SV value

P2 = 5 is an “infinite” cycler with the relay timing the first PV value and then the off time the SV value

Reset time controller press the SET button before switching on the network then switch on the timer and keep the button pressed for two seconds, the controller should reset to the default values.

110V-220V version of time controller

Technical parameters:

  • Controller type: Intelligent Microcomputer Timer Delay Relay Controller Module
  • Operating Voltage:DC 12V/24V , AC110-220V
  • Control circuit voltage:DC 12V/24V , AC110-220V
  • Relay carrying power:240W, 480W, 10A(max)
  • Recommended power:<Relay carrying power×80%
  • Relay type:Normally open relay
  • Power consumption:<1W
  • Relay service life:100000 Times
  • Timing error:±3s(in 24 hours)
  • Weight:65g
  • Size:67mm×45mm×34mm
  • Fixed way:Embedded Hole 63mm×42mm

Product advantages:

  • Independent crystal oscillator, more accurate timing
  • Convenient direct output wiring
  • Add buzzer and audible alarm
  • Add pause button to stop urgently
  • Start and stop setting mode, provincial conversion, which is more convenient
  • Automatically save when power off, run automatically when power on
  • Timing units can be set separately, with 36 working combinations
  • Timing range: 0-999 seconds, minutes, hours
  • To count in minutes or hours, the digital tube flashes in seconds.

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