Thermometer hygrometer with probe

digital panel hygrometerDigital Thermometer + Hydrometer is one device ,that combines measurement temperature and humidity.All results showing on his digital display.

In one  meter lenght probe are placed two sensors : for temperature and for humidity.

First imporant thing  is  sensors accuracy. I make one litle test accuracy , i compare  this digital termometer- hygrometer  with testotherm wich i use in work. Testotherm is high tech cost expensive  with ultra high accuracy for themperature and humidity i use one two testoterm in my laboratory. Testotherm is calibrated in the laboratory every year for certficate.

What are the results of the test ? 

Results see in picture:

Therometer hygrometer test

Therometer hygrometer test

Testotherm showing  26.6°c  for temperature and 35.4% for humidity

Digital thermometer – hygrometer showing similar results

… for temperature and .. for humidity

thermometer hygrometer with probesThese results were measured after 10 minutes of stabilization.

I repeated the test 3 times always the result was the same

My verdict is that the  thermometer hygrometer relative to price is a usefull thing.

It is very accurate and fairly quickly stabilizes

Where do I buy this combined digital humiditymeter with thermometer  ?

I bought it on ebay and the price was around $3.24 USD + free shipoing is good price for this thing.It also for sale on DX but the price is 6.5 usd .

Digital Hygrometer-Thermometer description and specification:

 sensor hygrometer with probeTemperature Range: -50°c ~ 70°c (-58°F~ +158°F )
Measuring Humidity Range: 10% RH ~ 99% RH
Humidity Accuracy:5%
Humidity Display Resolution: 1% RH
Temperature Accuracy: 1°C
Operating Voltage: 1.5v, or LR44 batteries(Include)
Sampling Period: 10S
Dimension: 48 x 28.5 x 15.2mm
LCD Dimension: 40 x 22.5mm
Installation dimensions:46 x 27 x 13.5mm
Net Weight: 45g
Package weight: 53g
Color: White or Black
hygrometer from ebay lr 44 bateries

Package Content:
1 x Digital Thermometer Hygrometer
2 x LR44 batteries(1 pair)

Battery installation:

  • Lift the stand at the back of the unit
  •  Slidingly open the battery cover as per the arrow indication
  •  Slightly Inset one or two button cells into the battery housing(note the polarity)
  •  Close the battery cover.
  • Two button battery   LR44         Two battery packed in PE bag seperately

Digital Thermometer Hygrometer is usefull thing for for the measuring the outdoor / internal temperature.This hygrometer has a probe,which can test some places humidity exactly. It was used widely.It is very usefull to the hatchery.

digital panel hygrometer

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    Hi Ivan, thank you for this super post information on the hygrometer thermometer, I bought 2 parts, one with probe like your that works perfectly, second cheap but does not have a probe, it does not work permanently, The display shows (– — –), no luck. Thank you for your product description beautiful explanation, thank you.

      1. Thank you for the info, actually after pressing by hand, he indicated figures, I changed the batteries and it works, I hope its hard in time, thank you Ivan, very nice.

        1. 🙂 my little hack .. i give one to test in calibration laboratory and this 3usd device hat very good accuracy .. hmm..

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