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voltmetage meter carVoltmeter in the car like the extended battery life that showed me that the battery in your car is already weak and thus the battery has been charged in a timely manner .   It follows two advantages always started the car , was left hanging somewhere in the parking lot or just when I have to rush to work in the morning . A second advantage is that the cheaper the car battery to be charged on time have a longer life . Tension in the diagnosis of the car battery is properly assessing what my voltmeter shows. Where do I buy this voltmeter ? I am ordered in aliexpress shop or ebay

Here is my best car voltmeters to cigarette plug

car voltmeter

car battery condition voltmeter 12V 24V

Condition of the car battery in volts 14.4 – 13.8V car is running the alternator charges the battery when the battery is recharged so it should show about these values 13.1 – 12.8V Battery as the new but alternator not charge battery -car not runing 12.8 – 12.5V battery is already older but still a good start in the winter months si good preventive  charge  . 12.5- 12.0V battery can have the power to start the car but it is undercharge or older , must be recharged . Although 12.0 – 11V battery is marked 12V 12.0V but the threshold below which it would not go if you take into account the long battery life . 11V battery is low after charging if the battery itself is under 12 battery is bad , you may have a defective article. 10.5V 10.5V less the limit stated by many manufacturers as the maximum discharge limit , below this limit may damage the battery . Few facts that you should know car battery car voltmeterNever have car battery car battery discharged on frozen electrolyte in it freezes when the temperature drops below zero , ice damage lead cells – their deformed .Full charged car battery will last more than -20 *not frozen.For diagnostic batteries use a voltmeter and never going the battery status under 12V . Not overcharge car battery ,advanced battery charger allows you to set the type of battery ( flooded, AGM , Gell about them next time in another article ) Classic lead battery is considered charged if it reaches the 14V voltage should not be 15V . Optimal charging voltage is 13.8 – 14.6V . According voltmeter do I know whether the battery is charged and I unplug it from the charger . Never charge the battery , high current , the battery may not creat air bouble to prevent damage to cells and if the damage so quickly begin to Sulfatation . voltmeter play Insert voltmeter into the cigarette lighter . Installing is very easy voltmeter just insert only into the cigarette lighter – 12 – 24V voltmeter connection and immediately measured . Connection 12V ( or 24V for more truck cars ) is built into every car . Before installing a voltmeter in the car it can be cleaned only improve measurement accuracy . Diagnosis alternator and battery . LCD Cigarette Lighter Voltage Digital Panel Meter Volt Voltmeter MonitorTo start diagnostic you to diagnose whether you play alternator recharges the car battery . The process is simple inserting into the cigarette lighter voltmeter should indicate battery voltage 12.8V to 13V , for example, you start and tension should rush to 14V ( + -0.5 ) alternator is Ok . If you remain about the same around 12V alternator is not charging the battery ! Repair or replacement alternator is probably avoided, but save you money for that battery should not be recharged , and you would probably be destroyed or significantly shorten the life of the well for a tow truck . The battery is above 12 volts but the car does not start with it ! Sulfa older battery cells and the capacity of these cells is greatly reduced while the voltmeter may indicate a value of eg 12.6V battery but with such articles is unable to supply sufficient current to start the car , such a battery is said to be soft . LED Car Auto Battery Electric Cigarette Lighter Voltmeter Voltage Meter TesterVoltmeter to truck  car power of battery you can test with a voltmeter . The car is not runing , in 12V socket ( cig. lighter ) to slip voltmeter that shows battery status , for example 12.6V . Turn on the low beam voltage at battery  should fall but if the battery is so strong dropdown is no more than 1 . However, if the battery is ” soft ” will be even greater dropdown in 2 – 3V . ( Low beam only example where they are led lights so ordering too much and do not have a soft handle to tighten the faucet without a large voltage drop , it is right that the burden of such 30 – 50Watt ) Frequently asked questions and answers . Voltmeter will also work in the truck or in a vehicle where the 24V ? Yes voltmeter will work with vehicles which is 24V . Voltmeter range is 8 – 30V If the voltmeter leave in the car when the car is on the disused car battery has discharged ? No voltmeter has very little power consumption Alert me play me 20 times more power than voltmeter . It’s not wrong if the voltmeter remains connected even when the car not use.For very long time if not riding a voltmeter pull out the lighter . What is the intensity and visibility of the display ? Visibility values ​​is very good . Voltmeter is red ( time should be available also the version with blue digital) . How accurate voltmeter can be relied on him ? Each voltmeter is tested before shipment , controls the display and accuracy . Accuracy is be usually around +-0.1 V which means good accuracy for diagnosing the state of car batteries do not need any more . i created one litle funny video story with car voltmeter:

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