1000w YIYUN 36V-48V DC brush motor controller

If you need high performance, you need more watts ,This control unit can deliver 1000 watts to the brush engine.

This article has experience with “ebike scooter”control unit, the plus and minus  manual how to connect it with other components  all technical documentation.

Review with Pros and Cons

Now I am describing my experience with the DC 36V 1000w Speed controller for brush motor, I tested about 4 pieces of this product and all worked OK.  Read the pros and cons of this product:


  • Relative small box, will fit almost everywhere but at 1000w it should have more passive cooling.
  • It has battery protection, and if the voltage drops, the control unit switches off
  • Compatible with parts for electric bicycles   DC 36V/48V batteries,brakes,throttle and meters.
  • It has battery protection, and if the voltage drops, the control unit switches off
  • s costly about 10-17 $  even with shipping


  • With  high load, 1000watts is 1000watts, place the control unit so that it cools well, place the control unit so that it cools well- on the first journeys, check his temperature.
  • Not have current limiter or three speed switch, for kids need this feature for safety.

1000W controller is suitable for Electric Quad , Scooter, City 3-Wheel Scooter; Toy Scooter wherever you want high performance and have a eletric brush motor. Controller is only for brush motor, this means that the motor have ony two wires + and –  more in Schematic.YIYUN manufacturer has proven middle quality control units,if you have a good connection and placement, they serve for a long time.

  • I recommend 48V if you have a 48V battery,48V of voltage, the system has less current consumption, and this means that the control unit has lower heating.

Supports both lead acid and lithium batteries,1000w power requires a TOP condition and a healthy capacity above 12Ah, better 14,16,17AH versions of batteries.The control unit can open an electric current up to 30A-32A to destroy the weak batteries,or shorten life, you just need a strong battery (and the engine system too).

If you not good battery (capacity under 12Ah) choose model with lower wattage  500w controller yiyun yk31c is good choice. you can choose 24V / 36V / 48V controler moder , for your battery and motor system.

Manual a wiring controller YIYUN 1000W:

  • Battery :Thick Black (Power -) /Thick Red (Power +)
  • Motor :Thick Yellow (Motor -) /Thick Blue (Motor +)
  • Ignition Switch :Thin Red(VCC)/Thin Blue
  • Indicator : Thin red (Indicator power output) /thin black (indicator – )
  • Brake :thin yellow (Brake signal)/thin black( -)
  • Speed governor :Thin blue(Speed handlebar Signal input) /Thin black (Negtive Power) /thin red(5V +)
  • Charge Port : Thin red (charge input power +) /thin black (Power  -)
  • Brake Light: Thin red (power +) /thin black (Power -)
  • Sport: Thin yellow  /thin green

*Dont connect  to charging port 110V or 230V  , to charging port connect only charger output from battery charger 36V or 48V.It is not necessary to use the battery You can also charge the battery directly, you do not have to charge it via the control unit.

Electric quad moto controller repair speed limiter story

Some time ago I repaired an electric quad, I changed the control unit for YIYUN 36V 1000W controller but for children’s electric quad bike is power 1000w too much.YIYUN not have current limiter  (maybee sport wire can make faster controller) , i add pot to throttle signal wire (green) pot is 3.3 KΩ can you use trim or pot. Maybe a good lower resistor could work well for 500 ohms.

Can use switch on in the third picture key position 1 means that the signal wire goes through the potentiometer – slow speed, position two means that without the potentiometer full speed.

Technical parameters:

  • Rated Voltage: 48V or 36V DC
  • Model:YK33F
  • Rated Power: 1000W
  • Current: 30Amp
  • Throttle: 1-4V
  • Net Weight: 200g
  • Assemble Size: 120*70*35mm
  • Functions:
  • 10 group wires: Throttle/Gas handle; Brake*2; Brake light; Battey Indicator; Ignition Key Switch; Charge Port; Battery (+/-); Motor Phase (2 wires, this controller only fit for brush DC motor); Speed-up Moving.
  • Brake: Open

7 thoughts on “1000w YIYUN 36V-48V DC brush motor controller”

  1. Hi I have a viron 36v 1000w scooter and I need to make it so I can charge the batteries while the batteries are not in the scooter due to not having power where I store the scooter and not being able to carry the entire scooter up to my flat( it weighs 40 kg) does it need to have the control box in the circuit or can I just make a connecting wire with the relevant plugs on each end ( there’s a fuse already in the wires at the battery,thanks for any advice you can give me

  2. Hello, I have the same controller. Im intrested what for is sport wires in this controller. How can i conect them. Is it for extra power delivered to the motor? Thank you

  3. Attachment

    Hello, I need help with the wiring of my new controller on my Fourstar Golf Cruiser.
    I will list the new controller and the label on the plugs and if somebody can write where they are to go it would be appreciated.
    The above post requires the controller to have 2 small blue wires, it does not have 2 small blue wires.
    Big red and black, battery, OK.
    Big blue and yellow, motor, OK
    Small, red, black, green, derailleur?
    Small, green and yellow, sport?
    Small red and black, charging port, OK
    Small red and black, indicator?
    Small red and black, brake light?
    Small blue and red, power locks?
    Small black and yellow, brake?
    Small black and yellow, brake?
    If you can help out with this I would be very thankful for your help.

    1. Gooday Jeff ,
      Did you get a reply as to your wiring issues for your fourstar golf scooter ? If so , did the controller do the required job ? My fourstar is really struggling with brand new batteries, I am pretty sure the original controller is not working properly as I can’t even get 18 holes out of my scooter !
      I would really appreciate if you get this that you can inform me as to your outcome before I buy the controller

      1. Hello Phil, I got nothing in reply.
        I did get it to work but was unable to get reverse to work.
        I am back here again now because I am looking at getting the correct controller but the price is very scary. I have tried the china man on ali=express and everywhere else with no luck. These would be bought for 20$ and are now for sale for 625$.
        Just a rip off.

  4. how can i connect this controller to 5 wire twist throttle? thank for you reply. a diagram will help a lot.

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