AC digital voltmeter 80-500V

voltmeter AC voltageGood voltmeter for low price. AC voltmeter  I bought on Ebay for $ 5 with free postage , its realy good price for useful thing.

The benefits for voltmeter is big display with blue backlight. Digits are black and large.

The value displayed is quick and accurate.

Voltmeter is universal can measure AC voltage in Europe  and the U.S.

Has a range of 80-500V for the 230V European standard and the U.S. standard is 110V.

No need external power supply .Voltmeter is Self powered from a source which measures.

If  you need to measure volts and Ampers 


  • Good big display with good visible numbers, even in the sun or in the dark
  • Voltmeter can be accurately calibrated
  • Clips for panel placement
  • No need external power supply


  • Can not measure voltage from 0V (and lower as 80V) is self-powered from 80V higher
  • It is designed only for 50-60hz frequency

Review conclusion:

If you buy good and cheap digital AC voltmeter for measure 110 or 220 Ac voltage this device is very good choice.I recommend mount in panel but before  mounting you can calibrate with profi multimeter.

Useful will be in DIY projects  with AC energy , DC /AC converters, Solar systems with converters .Used to monitor the household voltmeter, also applied to other AC voltmeter measuring.You can use this item to monitor voltage of appliances; when this volt gauge show too high or too low voltage, you can choose to close your appliances or equipments so as to prolong life of your appliances.

It is designed only for 50-60hz frequency is  typical of all household appliances.

AC digital ammeter voltmeter lcd panel.To measure AC voltage and current, I have proven ac digital ammeter voltmeter lcd panel

Technical parameters: 

  • Brand new and high quality.
  • Small Temperature Drift.
  • Work stable.
  • Easy install
  • Range: AC80-500V ( Measure Alternating Voltage Directly ).
  • Power Consumption: < 0.2VA
  • Backlight colors: Blue.
  • Resolution: 0.5% ±2 digit.
  • Size:8cm x 4.4cm – 3.15inch x 1.73inch.
  • No need external power supply

On fotos is little difernce with similar version of this  AC voltmeter

Voltmeter dimensions voltmeter AC pcb voltmeter AC voltage digital Voltmeter for AC 110-220V 80-500V


Version B of AC voltmeter

voltmter back pcb Voltage meter digital


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