Disco bulb – cheap lighting for a good party

Improve your party with these magical disco bulb, his light is RGB (red,green,blue) and rotating which creates a great disco effect.

The shop is still only get e 27  version but can you make little hack for GU10 or E14 sockets. Use this reductions for example E27 to GU 10

e27-to-gu10 E14 eshop adapter-bulb-price adapter gu10 to E27







Rotary disco light bulb is sold in two dimensions:

First little  rotary Rgb bulb dimension is  108mm x 58mm 

The effect is the good and similar to big rgb rotary bulb.

Here’s a photo litle RGB light :

litle rgb disco bulb

tem name 3W E27 RGB Auto Full color rotating lights G60
Input Voltage: AC85-265V
Power 3W (3x1W)
Base socket type E27
Heat Sink Material: High Strength Aluminum
Beam Angle: 120 degree
Average Life : >50,000hours
Color : 16 color include RED Green Blue
Storage Temperature: -40°~+60
Size: 108mm (H) x58 mm (D)
Certification: CE&ROHS
Weight: 100g
Working temperature:  -25 C~ 65 C


Beter solution si here from banggod his price is only 6-7usd  (3.5 usd discount price and free shiping to USA,GERMANY,UK,FRANCE and Worldwide )

I recommend little  sound activated RGB bulb from banggood is more reliable and efects is with strobe when play music louder

You can buy sound activated RGB disco bulb – price is 5.17 usd


You can buy big disco bull here !!  – price 3.69 usd

If you  will have big good disco efect can you buy twice and more

Big  disco RGB bulb have the advantage of good cooling but lighting efect is not much better from little RGB disco bulb. Here is specifications:


Size: 170 X 90 mm
Lifespan: 20000 hours
Light Emitter: 3 X 1W LED
Power Supply/ Input: 85 – 260V

Prismatic chimney.
Colorful rotating lamp.
Energy saving for 80%.
Less heat during operation.
Long lifetime, low consumption.
No UV rays, environment friendly.
High impact and shock resistance.
Rotation automatically, having the stage lighting effect.
Easy to use, suitable for disco, ballroom, KTV, bar, stage, club, party etc.

Disco video:

But this RGB bulb have lots variation:

For example, if you do not have E27 socket Can rgb bulb powered from a wall plug. Here on dealextreme have good price 9.8 usd


If you like more power 9 watt vs clasic 3watt and is sound activated

 check this choice from dealextreme :  You can buy for 14 usd 


100% brand new and high quality
Easy installation, just plug and play.
Three color of strobe effects: red, green and blue.
Long service lifetime, low heat and power consumption.
No UV rays, environment friendly.
High impact and shock resistance.
Prismatic shell desinged, very beautiful.
Automatically rotating, having the stage lighting effect.
Wide application to bars, disco, ballroom, KTV, home decoration, stage,  club, party, etc.

Unique automatically rotary E27 screw cap lampholder design makes the LED lamp dedicated. RGB crystal lighting spots are very beautiful and bright, looking like stage lights effect. Superior performance and reliable quality meet your visual satisfaction. With the characteristics of economy, friendly environment, reliable quality and wide applications, it is very wise for you to choose the rotating lamp.


Base socket type:E27
Input Voltage: AC85-260V
LED :High Power RGB LED
Power:  3W
Heat Sink Material: High Strength Aluminum
Beam Angle:  120 degree
Average Life : >8000hours
Color : 16 color include RED Green Blue
Storage Temperature: -40°~+60
Size:about 6.00*6.00*12.00cm (L*W*H)
Working temperature:  -25 C~ 65 C


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