Multimeter XL830L review

Excel XL830 is good quality multimeter which can buy on Ebay , Aliexpress or other or in other Chinese eshops.  If you have a budget under 10$  it is a very good choice.

Here are the pros and cons of this XL830L Multimeter:

Here is pros:

  • Diode assembly test/Transistor HFE test.
  • Continuity test with buzzer sound in circuit – it is a very useful feature for test your circuit.
  • Adjustable accuracy for DC voltage -If you have an another accurate multimeter can make calibration of XL830L.
  • Multimeter is fitted with stands that makes work easier.
  • It has a nice green backlit display. Green lighting can turn a small button on the right side below the display.
  •  It is equipped with the Hold button for remembering values.
  • It has the yellow anti-shock plastic cover.
  • Have overload protection , but  not recommended test.

Here is cons:


  • It has automatic power for battery saving – this is a useful feature for forgetful electricians as like me.
  • The backlight turns off automatically after a short time of about 3 seconds,sometimes it is too short.
  • Heavier opens to replace the battery.
  • The fuse is soldered to the printed circuit board,this makes it difficult replacement.

Detailed description of multimeter XL830L:

At first sight multimeter interesting good design (to keep in mind its price ist under 10 $).

It measures all the basic electrical quantities they need: voltage AC or DC ,current up to 10A DC, electrical resistance, have test for diodes and transistors.

Display is 3 1/2-digit liquid crystal display (LCD), and each digit is 15 mm high.Display is equipped with a backlit green for measuring in the dark. Max display digits: 1999. Have auto polarity funkcion.

The rotary switch enables switching of electrical values and ranges ,of the multimeter,on XL830L works accurately and reliably. The rotary switch is often the cause of failure of Chinese multimeters.

It is equipped with a “Hold” function, which keeps the last LCD readout value.

sockets excel xl830l

Have three socket for measuring probes first in right VΩ mA , second in midle is COM and the third is left 10A.

Socket  VΩmA  is used to measure the voltage AC or DC,the current ranges of 200μA, 2m,20m,200m,electrical resistance is from 200Ω to 200mΩ. If you have probe in VΩmA socket can also test diodes or with Buzer checking electrical circuits.In socket VΩmA I recommend plug positive voltage and the red probe.

Socket COM is midle hole in multimeter Aways plugged in her black probe, for negative pole for DC voltage or current, Ground for AC voltage.

Socket 10A is only for the measurement of direct current in range 0-10A. Do not exceed this range !! Especially not for a long time!

Circuit board of XL830L :

View of the back side of circuit board multimeter can you see main integrated circuit (black round ),white-blue calibration pots,black sound buzer , soldered fuse,shunt for 10A current meter and connector for battery.PCB have standard quality and I have a really good impression.

circuit board of multimeter xl830l

How  calibrate DC voltage on XL830L Multimeter?

If you will have multimeter more accurate or match with other measuring device , can you XL830L calibrate with a electric potentiometer – trimer on the back of the  circuits.

First open case and slowly adjust the blue-white trimer with litle flat-blade screwdriver.

calibration xl830l

If you want buy this multimeter

multimeter I bought six times for myself and my customers have always been satisfied and no complaint. I buy on ebay  for 6-7 USD (free shipping). Multimeter have realy good ratio price and quality. Under 10USD can you buy  black DT830B for 3-4 USD is good choice but not have buzer,backlit display, stands. I recommended spend 2-3 USD more and buy XL830L.

Complete technical parameters of Multimeter XL830L:

  • probe conection15mm high LCD Display.
  • Max display: 1999, Auto polarity display.
  • Portable and compact design, overload protection on all ranges.
  • Diode assembly test/Transistor P-N junction test/Transistor HFE test.
  • Continuity test with buzzer sound in circuit.
  • Low battery voltage indication.
  • DC Voltage: 200mV/2V/20V/200V ±0.5%, 600V ±0.8%.
  • AC Voltage: 200V/600V ±1.2%.
  • DC Current: 200μA/2mA/20mA ±1%, 200mA ±1.5%, 10A ±3%.
  • Resistance: 200ω/2Kω/20Kω/200Kω/2Mω ±0.8%.
  • Fuse protection: F-200mA/250V.
  • Operating Temperature: -0℃ to 40℃.
  • Overrange Indication: Only figure “1” on the display.
  • Polarity Indication: “-” displayed for negative polarity.
  • Low Battery Indication: – /+ display.
  • Battery: 9V (Battery not include).
  • Dimension: Approx 138mm x 69mm x 31mm.

7 thoughts on “Multimeter XL830L review”

  1. Attachment

    à quoi sert ce calibre , que mesure-t-on sur cette position ?

    what is this caliber used for, what do we measure in this position?

    1. For one, that’s not an XL830L. That said, that is for testing capacitence, for testing capacitors.

  2. This is a lousy piece of crap multimeter. Can’t even measure my 12v battery some times it works but most of the time it does not.
    Measuring my car battery on the 20v range it shows -1 or 1, switch to 200v range and measures more than 18volts.
    Do not waste your money on this crap.
    I have a 40 year old RadioShack multimeter that still works EVERY TIME.

  3. I bought 2 from not expecting much. I couldn’t resist the deal and was curious. I have a $350 Fluke for reference. I got them in the mail much sooner than they had estimated when I ordered them. I checked both against readings taken with the Fluke on a number of different tests and these little meters are not bad at all. They both work, have for over a year now and they are fairly accurate every time. I use them a lot just to see how they are keeping up and I must say, for less than $3 each, I’m quite impressed. Either the previous commenter doesn’t know how to use it properly or he got a faulty one because both of mine work great.

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