JK-B2A24S Active Equalizer Li-ion, Lifepo4 batteries with bluetooth app

In this article can you read about cell balancer JK-B2A24S with bluetooth app

You will learn my experience pros and cons (review) of this product and also all the technical parameters, you can download the android application directly.

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Price and buy 

How to buy?

BMS equalizer you can buy on aliexpress there are several versions I have 2A besides it sells 1A and other with conection modification GPS,CAN module,RS458 with function OFF shudown with adjustable voltage and current requirements.

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JK-b2a24s price on Aliexpress

My review of Enjpower balancer JK-B2A24S

How to buy?

BMS equalizer you can buy on aliexpress there are several versions I have 2A besides it sells 1A and other with conection modification GPS,CAN module,RS458 with function OFF shudown with adjustable voltage and current requirements.

My video for JK-B2A24S balancer

If you build your own battery for a photovoltaic power plant The balancer is an important part of every lithium battery used to balance all the cells of the battery so that it does not overcharge thus protects the battery and guarantees its life and ability to deliver performance.

The uniqueness of this battery balancer JK-B2A24S is based on Equilibrium cell balancing, that is, on the capacitor transmission of electrical energy from the cell to the highest voltage to the cell from the lowest voltage. It does this immediately and quickly.

Here is pros:

  • It balances faster because the cell with the highest voltage discharges and el. the energy is directed to the cell with the lowest voltage in the battery pack
  • It does not overheat, no extra cooling is required because it “does not burn energy like a classic” its operating temperature is up to 35 ° C
  • Saves energy – uses the energy taken to charge the cell with the lowest energy.
  • It has a nice profile dimensions that can be attached to the wall
  • PCB has good form looks good
  • The ENJPower application displays the voltage and resistance of each cell separately, it is super monitoring

Here is cons:

  • The price is about 130usd is a higher price, which means that the balancer pays off for more expensive systems such as photovoltaic power plants for family houses.
  • Relay is not include in my version (then the equalizer would also be possible as battery protection)
  • APP have only bluetooth , better is wifi with internet connections then you can monitor the voltage over the internet from anywhere.

My verdict:

JK-B2A24S i buy in year 2020 and and has been in continuous operation for about a year (active balance 24/7) I bought it on aliexpresse the price was around 110 usd.

  • I recommend installing the application on your mobile phone before the purchase, if the application accidentally does not work, so do not buy the device, it can only be controlled via the application.
  • Download ENJ-Power bluetooth app

The balancer can measure the resistance on each cell and also the voltage is quite accurate and fast. Balancing the cell from the highest voltage to the cell with the highest voltage is well thought out – equilibrium matrix is very good think other balancers burn energy on highest voltage cell that generating more waste temperature, but JK-B2A24S not heating much about 30°C .

I recommend for 20Ah and more Li-ion or lifepo4 battery pack , i have li-ion system 48V 60Ah samsung cells for bmw i3.

It doesn’t matter much about the size of the battery, the battery with a high charging ( and also discharging current) does not matter the worst, then the balancer does not have to manage to cover all the cells and the voltage can exceed the maximum charging voltage for a few seconds (4.1V for my case)

It pays to undersize by 1V the charging voltage of the whole pack, for example, my pack has 14 cells with a charging voltage of 4.1V, that is 57.4V, and I set 56.4V on the solar charger.
I’m so sure that the balancer will smooth the voltage on each cell, and it will not exceed 4.1V – I will lose some usable capacity, but again will extend the life of the battery pack

Manual and view on APP

In my case, I have a balancer placed on the wall as far as cooling is concerned, if you want better cooling, place it on an aluminum or metal plate.

The balancer is supplied with cables with a connector that plugs into the balancer, the other end is empty.

First connect all the balance cables to the battery cells and only then connect the white connector to the balancer. Connect the PWR+ cable to the last cell + battery.

Here is schematic for balancer for JK-B2A24S is identicaly can you plug battery pack less as 24s btw. 12s 10s or 14s 16s work

Enjpower App bluetooth app for balancer

without the application, this balancer does not work, it is good if you download the application before purchasing the device.

Here is technical parameters:

  • Support 2S to 24S battery packs;
  • Single cell voltage collection range: 1V ~ 5V, accuracy: ± 3mV;
  • Support all pool types such as : Li-ion, Lipo, Lifepo4, LTO, super capacitors and other batteries
  • The balance current is set independently in the range of 0.1~1A/2A/5A/10A, independent of the cell voltage difference;
  • Support balanced cascading to apply to more than 24S of battery packs, in theory, can be cascaded indefinitely; for exsampel , can 28S , 32S , 36S , 40S … and so on
  • Support Bluetooth communication, equipped with mobile APP, real-time view of battery status;
  • Equilibrium line resistance detection, abnormal contact failure is found in advance;
  • Power supply range: 40V~ 100V;
  • Low voltage shutdown function to prevent battery damage;
  • size :157*98.2*18.7 (1A/2A).the 5A/10A bigger size 
    It is only balancer , it is not protection board


2 thoughts on “JK-B2A24S Active Equalizer Li-ion, Lifepo4 batteries with bluetooth app”

  1. What is the voltage range that can be put in the “Power Off Vol” setting.
    I see that it has a default setting of 2.0V. Can this setting be used to limit the active balancer to balance when batteries are at their full charge voltage or is this feature for when the batteries are low and it turns off the balancer?

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