chips to LED bulbs which is best?

5630 chips resultsSome time ago I wondered at what the bulb to replace your old 75-watt bulb.
I really like the LED version. On the Internet there are many LED bulbs are thousands of different types and sizes. As I choose the right LED bulb?

I have had experience of all kinds of LED bulbs and I consider that are beneficial for me.

Chip Type in led bulb is for me on the first place!

Worst chips are 3528 – poorly lit even if they are many. The only advantage is that the power consumption is small.

3528 ChipAre  one diod chips with 120 ° light scatter and good efficiency. Power per chip is 0.08w. SMD 3528 LED has about such luminous intensity as two highlightning conventional diodes. SMD 3528 compared with 5050 SMD chip has the same properties, only that it contains only one chip instead of three. Advantage over SMD 5050 chip is better cooling ambient air, the disadvantage need more space.

Example 3528 chips in corn bulb

led bulb with 3528 chips and e14 socket

5050 chips are better have a decent luminous intensity 10W LED bulb with 60 chips parallels 50-60W incandescent bulbs

led smd 5630 experiencetechnical parameters of 5050 chips:

  •  Chip size: 5 mm X 5 mm
  • Chip power: 0.24W
  • The single chip are three illuminating points (small LED)

LED chip 120 ° light scatter and high efficiency makes this chip fully pushed older conventional LEDs, compared to which it has up to 6 times higher luminous intensity.

Example 5050 chips in corn bulb

5050 corn bulb chips

The best chips are 5630 bulbs with these chips are my favorite, and in 2013-2014, I searched only bulbs with this type of chips. 15W Watt LED bulb with 5630 chips parallels 75-85 watt incandescent bulbs!

5630 chips resultsTechnical parameters of 5630 chips:

  • Chip size: 56x30mm
  • Contains a luminous chip
  • Power: 0.5W

This new model LED chip has an even higher luminous intensity than SMD5050 and smaller size. 120 ° light scatter and very high efficiency.

Example 5630 chips in corn bulb

5630 corn bulb 60smd



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