Antusi A6 4-in-1 Wireless Bike Alarm ,COB LED,Smart Bell

Although bicycle theft is not one of the most common crimes in world, you never know who your new bicycle is doing. If you’re really afraid of your bike, we have a tip for the perfect gadget alarm for you. Is Antusi A6 (cicadas) this devices is very useful , in this review  you read my experience, pros and cons, technical parameters and manual.

Now I am describing my experience with the Antusi A6 “Cicada”, I tested 4 pieces of this product all  worked correctly,read the pros and cons of this product.

Best internet deals

Good price is from 16usd to 30 usd Antusi can you buy from dealers on Ebay,Aliexpress,Amazon or Or from verified Chinese e-shops as they are Banggood or Gearbest. Here is the best offer table :

Note : Antusi has another version with key alarm and is not wireless you muss enter code with buttons .. i recommend version A6 with remote control has prety easy control.The above links lead to a wireless alarm with rear LED 

Complete review with cons and pros:

Antusi Cicada A6 - Bike Alarm w Remote Control, Flashing Tail Light and BellHere is pros:

  • good price – is about 20 usd is very good. For your money receive intelligent alarm, COB LED, ring bell, all powered by li-ion battery and wireless controlled.
  • The remote control works well and has all the necessary features
  • Has a decent design
  • USB charging working good and can charge bike alarm and light by PC or powerbank.. great..

Here is cons:

  • Antusi not has no major cons , maybe li-ion battery could have more capacity,

bicycle remote control alarm - Antusi Cicada A6Review conclusion:

Antusi A6 “Cicada”is a good device  with a good price.You pay from 16-25 usd (even with shipping) and you will get a sensitive alarm with good COB rear light + Bell

All is Everything is wirelessly controlled with your bicycle handlebars, of course you can take the remote controll with you.

The personal feeling is good if I do not see the bike , have piece in my soul
Antusi guard my bikeagainst thieves… A small alarm sounds a beep  when it continues to trigger a loud ceremony, even if vibrations continue to trigger a BIG ceremony that I unblock only with the remote control (deactivate alarm).

Other reviews:

Antusi A6  is best alarm for bike here is detailed description :

remote controlAntusi’s light-alarm is fully wireless and the control runs through a padded driver with a range of up to 100 meters (in free area).

Remote control contains four buttons, each triggering a specific function.

The first one button with the lock icon activates the best function of this tail light, namely the alarm.

Are you asking how the alarm works? The Antusi light includes several sensors that detect shocks, shocks, or bicycle movements. If a potential thief attempts to force your bicycle to release from the lock, an alarm with a noise level of up to 120 dB is automatically triggered. It will also be heard from a greater distance. In addition to activating the alarm itself, the red light is also triggered.

The second button on the controller will then serve to deactivate the alarm.

The third lightning button button turns on the red  light itself, which can work in three modes – normal, slow flashing and fast flashing. Antusi’s light also includes a bicycle finding feature if he accidentally forgot where he was off the road from the inn. COB technology is cool can you see multiple LED chips on board witch have good power and low energy consumption.

The fourth button on the remote control is an electronic bell, Antusi releases a sound that alerts people around, if it is necessary to notice the long press of the button Antusi works as a horn.

Inside this gadget there is a built-in 800 mAh Li-ion battery that should last for 15-20 hours of use (LED active ) in manual is 15 days normal use , instant by  60 days. The rechargeable Li-ion battery charge through the classic microUSB connector for 2-3 hours.

Of course, waterproofing is also certified by IPX5 certification, allowing light to survive rain or other watering.

complet 4V1 remote alarm wit led light kit

Antusi is dismantled:

components inside Antusi A6 alarm

Another interesting point is the electronics inside the Antusi A6 alarm. PCB is of good quality, (no overflow tin, curved parts), the battery has really 800mah and the corresponding dimensions.
You can see receiver antenna, COB light, and alarm siren. If you dismount the remote control – see pcb with four buttons and one 27A alkaline battery  has 12V voltage  (no compatibility with other type like as 23A .. no space for bigger battery)

* You can use a flat screwdriver or knife to open

Here is galery view

red and blue button antusi programingManual and technical parameters:

Pairing the remote control with cycloalarm

The driver is supplied paired, if you need to pair it, follow these instructions:

press the blue button on the bottom of the alarm for 2 seconds, the alarm sounds, and press any button on the remote control.

To clear the previous remote control press the blue button for 7 seconds and then add new ones.

antusi instalation guide manual

Download Manual PDF

remote alarm with li-ion batteryTechnical parameters:

  • Color: Black
  • Codename: ATS A6
  • Mode: 3 modes
  • Light Color: Red
  • Alarm sound: 120 decibel
  • Remote distance: 1-100m(Open area)
  • Battery: 3.7V 800mA lithium battery
  • Waterproof: IPX5 waterproof
  • Lamp beads: COB light source
  • Buzzer material: copper
  • Remote control battery normal use about 8-12 months
  • Wireless Bell function.
  • COB Taillight function.
  • Remote Alarm function.
  • USB Chargeabl
  • Neat & Nice Design
  • Charging Time 2-3 Hours,for more than 30 days Standby / 15 to 20 days Being Used

26 thoughts on “Antusi A6 4-in-1 Wireless Bike Alarm ,COB LED,Smart Bell”

  1. Hello i’ts possibile to open the remote control to change battery, mine’s not work properly and i’m affraid it’s the battery inside the remote control, but i can’t open it, i don’t know how. thanks…

    1. good day i have updated post , i open ANTUSI receiver and transmitter (remote controll) ,you can open with flat screwdriver, use battery 27A with voltage 12V.. sorry for latte reply

  2. Hi, any idea if it is possible to charge it back when it is totally flat without opening it? Mine was left alone for awhile and now it beeps nonstop if plugged in, and doesn’t seems like it will charge up as it keeps beeping even when left alone for about 15-20mins.

  3. I am living in The Netherlands and ordered the Antusi A6 via AliExpress. I payed but it never arrived. So I am looking for a more trustworthy dealer who delivers to The Netherlands with no excessive P&P. Any ideas ??

  4. Is there a replacement battery 800 mA/3,7 V available or is it a custom made battery for the Antusi A6 which can not be bought seperately ?

  5. Hello,

    Once the alarm rings, after how long does it turn off automatically ? 30 seconds ??

    Thank you very much ! 🙂

  6. I cannot get my remote to pair with the alarm. I changed the battery out and it will not pair with your instructions. Is there a manual reset for this?

  7. Hello,
    If your tail light has a problem because not used for a long time, there are few symptoms.
    If you have an unstoppable beep or light and/or you can’t stop/used it with the remote, you need 2 things.
    1 – If you have a continuous beep or light, and can’t control it with the remote, press and hold the blue button for 2/3 seconds until the first “beep”.
    Normally, the light or beep will turn off.
    If it Doesn’t work, press and hold the blue button for 7/8 seconds, until the second “beep”.
    That operations, are usually for pairing remote to tail light, but it works to stop an out of control tail light.
    Now you will have to pairing your remote to your tail light.
    2 – I seen many comments about remote/tail light pairing fails. The procedure indicated in the instructions are the right ones, but if this doesn’t work, it is because your tail light is not connected to its USB Cable and to a USB power source.
    Try the same procedure with your tail light connected for charging.

    1. After I left uncharged for long time, I also have continues beeping and cannot reprogram. Open, charge battery for couple minutes and got no problem to reprogram. Blue button for 7 sec 1 beep unpair. Blue button for 2sec 2 beep any button on remote

      1. I bought mine 2 weeks ago suddenly tge remote doesnt work. I tried pressing the blue button but still doesnt work. What should i do?

    1. Good day i not see only remote control for buy , but you give my good idea test other remote controllers pair with Antusi .. test is a give answer..

  8. I also have problem with this model, when I plugg in to charge it start to make noise and light is on, I try with blue button and remote, but it is not responding, same as josh describe. Any advice how to fix it ?

  9. Bonjour j’aimerais savoir s’il est possible de déverrouiller le système tout en ayant une clé décharger car actuellement je suis coincé en campagne loin de la ville avec une télécharger et une alarme activée

  10. I habe your A3. Can I User ist also to secure my car? For instance if a theft would break into it, that thanks to the vibrations the alarm would go on?

    Thanks for writing me on my e-mail.

  11. Hello everyone. I bought two pieces but from yesterday I have a problem with one. it does not want to connect with any of the remote ones. simply does not recognize them. I tried the setup but I failed. Could anyone have had a similar problem? ТHX

  12. I have the same problem try to charge alarm goes off won’t respond to remote or blue button please tell me how to fix it

  13. Trying to charge got continuous rapid beeping that won’t stop, trying to pair remote with spear alarm that did not come with one unsuccessful and can’t figure out disarm procedures for remoteless alarm

  14. Hi I have gotten Antusi Cicada A6 and the remote led working but the unit not working. when pushing the blue or red button nothing happening….. when charging it just keep alarm sound. I leave it for hours and when I push the buttons still nothing… Can you help thanks

  15. Hi. Is there any way to turn the sound off when activating and deactivating the alarm as this is so load it attracts unwanted attention.

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