Sonoff Wifi switch failed guide FAQ

here I write the most common mistakes and faileds with Sonoff switch with wifi connections.I will describe the connection error with the wifi router and other faileds , maybee can help with you problem.

Here si my  review and manual for basic sonoff wifi switch

If you learn how to work from a basic module, you can manage other modified sonoff switches such as:

  • Wifi temperature controller or humidistat (hygrostat)
  • Wifi power meter with ON/OFF switch
  • And other modified wifi switches

Basic most simple guide how to pair wifi switch:

  1. Instal Ewelink aplikation to you mobile support Android and iOs. QR-codes is on box ,Instal and register.
  2. Prepare a wifi router with an Internet connection, it is important for the router to have an Internet connection.In the beginning of the test, it is best to use the 2.4Ghz router, with no name and pasword, but if you have wifi with pasword is OK
  3. Place everything (wifi switch+wifi router+mobile phone) at 1m distance for good signal. All devices muss be turn ON.
  4. Connect to a mobile phone on a mobile phone – search and connect only to wifi router (please not connect directly mobile and with sonooff wifi switch) Test internet conection (search and load page) and start Ewelink aplikation.
  5. If you sign to Ewelink app  go to “ADD DEVICE”  in next step is type the SSID and password from the wifi router or leave blank if have no pasword.
  6. Touch black button on Wifi relay module (when LED blinking fast ) in aplication touch button and start pairing. On display can see loader  with  “connecting please wait” , found ITEAD …
  7. After pair can give name of device a and have COMPLETE PAIRED
  8. Test switch  ON/OFF – On mobile phone  touch on device symbol SONOFF wifi turn on relay , touch again relay turn OFF.

What to do when it prints connection failed or device failed pairing ?

Failed troubleshooting guide 

Most often there is a wifi signal error – A weak wifi signal will make you very worried and cause the device to be unmanageable. Ewelink work with 2.4Ghz networks routers , 5Ghz not support (maybee new version)

Error number one direct pair

The beginner error is that you are trying to find the sonoff wiffi relay right through WIFI in the mobile and to pair. This device does not work, it works under Ewelink application, I do not try other applications.


Failed while pairing

Most often there is a problem with signal either weak signal wifi router mobile or weak signal from wifi router to sonoff wifi switch.

WIFI Signal in mobile may be good but it does not have to be same for the Sonoff signal.

Typical failed when is bad signal :


Device failed:

If the device was paired correctly, but if you are instructed to turn on / off the device failed or conection failed, the error is most common in the Internet connection.

However, you might have a mismatch error, delete the device in the Ewelink app and try re-pairing.


Very good sites to help:

It helps to identify the problem by flashing the LED.

Find you 10 solution to failed connect to wifi router and 8 Solutions to Failed to Connect to Server.

Good Ewelink manual guide:

Can download OLD version of Ewelink App


If you have question or need help send comment

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