Thermometer in Car

thermometer on car dashboardThermometer in the car.
Although it cost $3.40 usd not much but thermometer is not 100% ok , I ordered the 3 pieces for friends and they all came with the discharged battery.

car thermotmer from tinydealPros
The thermometer has a large digital display that is his plus.Temperature shows the temperature in Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit.

Thermometers arrived with dead batteries ,fortunately I have a replacement at home.
In the car the thermometer pasting double-sided tape on the dashboard.Tape is weak and does not hold.

The accuracy of the thermometer is not much. Each of the three thermometers showing different + -3 degrees Celsius

On the Internet I found a better solution.

votltmeter thermometer from dealextremeThermometer combined with a voltmeter to the Car cigarette plug on deal extreme for  9,23 usd.  if you have a port to the cigarette badly visible place this variant is preferable voltmeter + thermometer on the wire. On tinydeal have this thermometer voltmeter for 8,28 usd.

voltmeter + thermometer from tinydeal


Back to the car thermometer ,I bought it from tinydeal for 3,40usd , all thermometers were quickly delivered. All were in good condition but have cons that I have described above.

Product Features:

  • thermometer ih packagejpgLCD display
  • Digital thermometer and show as Centigrade or Fahrenheit
  • Display -19.9°C ~ 80°C
  • Powered by button cell (Battery included)
  • With adhesive tape, easy for you to use
  • Size: 76 x 41 x 13 mm / 2.99 x 1.61 x 0.51 inch
  • Color: as shown in the picture
  • Net Weight: 28 g / 0.99 oz

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