Ebike throttle with switch and voltmeter 12V-72V

Universal throttle for electric bicycles scooters, quads and simmilar devices , has key switch, voltmeter and hall-based throttle in this article can you read my review and how to correctly connect the wires to the control unit

Here are the pros and cons of Ebike throttle with switch and voltmeter 12V-72V:

Here is pros:

  • Good price 8-15usd
  • Have voltmeter with measurement battery voltage 12-72V compatible with most ebikes
  • Can buy version with button switch or key switch
  • Nice design when the handle is new

Here is cons:

  • Shiny metallic parts,can scratch
  • Wiring may bee problematic (how to connect the wires below in the article)


My verdict: It’s a useful throttle for e-bike, quad bike, electric scooters shows an accurate voltage of, for example, 37.5V this shows an accurate voltage of, for example, 37.5V this is much better than three LEDs (green yelow red).Keys have a protective effect against stealing.he design is nice but the colorful “metal”.  Battery compatibility is high can you use for lead acid ,li-ion,li-po,lifepo4,nimh,nicd akkus , here is here are confirmed nominal voltages:


  • 12V
  • 24V
  • 36V
  • 48V
  • 60V
  • 72V


Wiring manual guide – how connect  this  throttle:

Description of the electrical wires for proper connection of the handle to the control unit:

In wire black connector:

  • Green – signal
  • Red + 5v
  • Black -5V

*Most often, in the control units, the signal wire at the center is between + 5V and -5V. The wires in the connector must be moved to match the connector on the control unit.


Yelow and Blue wires is for switch and voltage measurement:

Be careful to handle the nominal voltage apparently directly from the battery, short circuit or wrong connection may damage the control unit or other components of the electric bike

Here is switch schematic

Read this before connect this wirres is important

Connect Blue wire to controller power ON wire with nominal voltage (12,24,36,48,60,72V)

in most controllers is thin red wire in battery connector or  ignition cable . if it comes to the yellow wire voltage of 36V voltmeter will light up. (If you not have ignition wire from controller dont connect blue wire ,insulate it)

Yellow wire connect to battery main plus pole connector (eg. +36V )

3 wires, black, green, red already connected to the control unit, special black wire is for voltmeter on throttle negative GND.




  • dont connect red and black wire by throttle switch (you make big short circuit)

Here is video how this throttle work with Controller:

Compatibility with e-bike scooter control units

Owners of the yiyun control unit will be pleased, this throthle is fully compatible with this controller.

Wiring in hall speed conector is fully compatible (green to green,red to red,black to black)  you have to change only the throttle connector – have small black and controller have biger white connector.

Ignition switch ON  have YK31C “blue” and “red”, blue wire from  throtle connect to blue wire on controller, yelow connect to red wire ,and we have it.. (btw.. YK31C have on red wire battery nominal voltage eg. +36V , blue wire -36V)

If you need help or you want to ask me to write comment thanks..



8 thoughts on “Ebike throttle with switch and voltmeter 12V-72V”

  1. Please help me connect my universal throttle (blue digital, item#14297811976) to my Imortor 1.0 36v 240w. 5 wire Colors match, but don’t work. ? 🤔

    1. Most problem is on diferend coloring wires on throtle and from Imortor central unit… muss measure with multimeter you need +5V -5V and signal … wire from voltmeter can plug in +36V on bathery .. key switch is question….

      1. So the little blue wire is to the little blue on the throttle that’s the key. And the little red to the little yellow wire on the throttle is +36v is that correct. Thanks Warren.

        1. blue wire and yelow wire is switch , on this wires can conent to battery voltage,but ot red wire or other from throtle, your controller has been damaged

  2. Thank you, just the info I needed. I couldn’t figure out what to do with the blue wire, meanwhile the throttle would operate whether the key ws on or off. A million praises to you!!!

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