Can you say no?

I know that nowadays it is difficult to say the word is not so in this way we become insincere to themselves and to others. The word NO is difficult to speak, there is no snag when the word is not impossible to pronounce… The word not only has 3 letters, so much for us and for other means.

Why does the problem we say no?

Often not say a word not only due to the fact that we no harm: Please do help me? The moment I go out with my boyfriend and I have no job. Again I can teacher 5. Well you look at the man and the peace and maintain your friendship tell him that I will help with the task. But this method has previously been using. You must not lose regret that girl’s 5 and only on the ground that the time had enough and gets prior obligations. What about your interests, hobbies, and your time on relax? Why should you let stint of time that belongs to you and not some lazy friend. Attention! There is a difference if friend role really do not know asks you that your management tasks together and then, for example, the reward can go out together, to the movies, cook your hot chocolate, just to give you the other side (the one who asked for help) reciprocated your time.


To Help, but your work will accumulate on the table as fallen leaves in autumn, which quickly fell to the ground. The foliage is in this case your work. But there will be someone who wants to use again. But you kindly answer: do not be angry, but I still have to finish something first. Fake smile on people’s faces is converted almost hatred and will you blame that as you have changed, you help me and I will always help you. But you know your right, but you can not defend themselves. Do not you say a single word. NO !!! Therefore, rather you will suffer and you say well, for I will then complete its work, perhaps somehow make it.

 Do it only what you really want, call it what you want, do it only for what you really care about

Relying only on himself
It is in this case about najúčinnješia council. If you follow this rule, you will learn to be self-sufficient and will to life a little easier.


Sometimes no idea what we want and what we need. We have to respect each other and respect. If you do not want something, feel free to decline. Be honest with yourself and realize what you want and what is not.

Not necessarily mean leave me so, you do not even bother … just screaming to answer it. You may say: You know what, do not be angry, now I have a little more work, so do not … I’m sorry, but now I have to decline the offer … No, thank you, now I’m not interested …. It depends of course on the person to whom you’re talking about. After all, why waste time unnecessarily unimportant things.

can you say no

Suffocated himself in vain their feelings, if you think not, then you say no

Hiding feelings has caused just so that gradually your “bad feelings” will accumulate, and one day it will not sustain, explosions and shouted to the man who is the heart of the Middle, but he just looks at you blankly and asked why? After all, I did not do anything wrong, or did not. Has already faded and there is another problem, and not just because he could not say what they think and place it still saying yes.


Learning to see the world more beautiful

Smile and good humor because we release the hormone serotonin – otherwise known as the hormone of happiness. The more we drop it, the better we will feel happier and we will do the people around us. Let us praise the people, giving them a nice but sincere compliments and see how beautiful smile for you to repay. Or you are welcome to stand in front of the mirror and lay up compliments to yourself. This is not about vanity, but pick your self-esteem and to love yourself.


How to relieve stress

If you change your thinking, you change yourself

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