Fahrenheit Temperature controller Ketotek KT1210W AC 110V (120V)

If you need to control the temperature in the fahrenheit degrees here are my experiences and complete instructions on how to buy, plug to grid in and set the temperature controller to work properly.

In an earlier article im describing my experience with the W1210W temperature controller, I tested about 550 pieces of this product and only few (2 pieces) not work ok . 2 pieces have ceased to work for three years, the other 550 thermostats work very well. The difference is that I use thermostats with a celsius scale and these are with a fahrenhait scale.

If you are going to shop from China I recommend from a retailer KETOTEK it is a stable edition of the thermostat that is reliable.His cost is equally similar to OEM thermostats, its price of 8 usd is fine.

Read the pros and cons of this product:

Here is pros

  • Control accuracy is 0.1 °F it is a great advantage !
  • Suitable for US 110V- 120V countries
  • Small size and have clips in the panel
  • Easy instrument control  (explained later in post)
  • Owns all the main functions that need good thermostat hysteresis, calibration, delayed start, and other ..
  • Good reliability
  • Very good price 8 USD with free shipping

Here is cons

  • I recommend  load under 10A best is abot 7-5 A and lower , for higher load as 10A add relay contractor.
  • On some temperature controllers muss set a temperature of + – 0.5°F (need calibrate , but is easy step)

Review conclusion:

It is a good device  with a good price.You pay about 8 usd (even with shipping) and you will get a stable device that you can set to high accuracy. Terminal is marked English (relay,load,power) and manual is in englisch (no chinese characters). Temperature controller has powering range 90-250V this suitable for US countries

 The best use for KT1210W-F Ketotek temperature controller is in the hatcheries ,incubator,animal care sensitive to the correct temperature. It is good in boilers for heating water or in refrigerators and freezers and especially if you prefer a fahreheit scale.

Detailed description of temperature controller KT1210W Ketotek edition

Now I will describe thermostat and control , i will try to describe accurately.The device KT1210W-F includes five main components:

  1. The display is red, it shows three digits four.clearly shows the temperature value in fahrenheit scale with the one decimal place.
  2. Below the display are four buttons which control the thermostat KT1210W. First buton is “SET”  with next two arrows buttons are + and – are used for menu navigation increasing or decreasing values. The fourth button is on / off
  3. The display has two diodes one shows that the thermostat has activated the relay (your device is on) – this diode has called work. The second diode lights up when you set the thermostat, called SET.
  4. Do we involve green terminal two terminals 1-2 is  for the relay 1 and 2 ,   terminal 3-4 for power from 90-250V  AC current ,for probe is terminals 5-6(No matter on polarity) .
  5. The sensor for the temperature controller KT1210W-F  is placed in 5-6 terminals. It is about 80 cm long with active iron end.Type of temperature sensor is clasic NTC 10K 0.5%  B3435

Complete Guide Manual  how to connect and set KT1210W-F device

In this manual, I will show you how to properly connect and set up a good temperature controller from China.

How to properly connect terminals ((Do not connect under electric current))

Download Manual KT1210W-F PDF

First, let me explain wiring on  my scheme:

schematic alternate

My tips how to connect the temperature controller :

  • Power is AC 90-250V This means that the thermostat is suitable for both the US and Europe..The trasformer in controller  is stable is not overheating.
  • DONT not connect to 5-6 phase and null wire !! … BAD …mistake  temperature controller burn  !
  • To relay terminal connect only phase wire  (NOT phase  with  null wire =BAD  relay burn)
  • If your device has a high power consumption equal to or greater than 10 amperes, I recommend feeding it through a contactor or solid state relay.. You can also control 3 phase devices (although the thermostat has only one phase)
  •  You can put the temperature cotroller  the cabinet or any DIY idea.

Here is a practical video how to set the thermostat:

How to SET goal temperature :

Before setting the temperature, you need to program the thermostat KT1210W-F correctly here as manual:

Short press button SET you can set goal temperature.

Long press button SET is access to the temperature controller menu.

The up and down arrows are to select the temperature or move the menu.

I recommend this setup procedure:

First go to menu of temperature controller (long push SET but)

SET HC – Heating or Cooling 

HC - menu

 H is heating . the setting control temperature is 50ºF slewing range (hysteresis) temperature is 5ºF . When the environment temperature > setting temperature (50ºF ), the relay will switch off and stop the output load; when lhe environment temperature setting temperature (50ºF )- slewing range of temperature (hysteresis) ‘ 5ºF = 45ºF

Heat seting

C is cooling the set temperature is 50ºF and slewing range (hysteresis) is 5ºF  When the temperature rises to 50ºF + 5ºF (slewing range of temperature is 5ºF) over 55ºF he relay will switch on and start output load,The relay switches off when the temperature drops to 50ºF.

cool seting

CA- is the temperature correction You can set it -18ºF to 18º by 0.1°ºF this is This is a big advantage of the KT 1210W thermostat (Other devices only support 1ºF calibration steps, this may be inaccurate)

calibration of temperature controller

LS and HS  min a max SET temperature limit are not the temperature control parameter adjustment, change will reduce the temperature control range.-58ºF  and +230ºF is default range.

high set temperature limit lowest set temperature limit

PU is  delayed start – (if the delayed start function doesn’t need set the delayed start (code PU) to 0).For example, if you set a delayed start of 1 so when the temperature reaches the set limit, the temperature controller starts to read for 1 minute then the relay switches on. Is good options for protect cooling compressor.

delay start

A7 is delayed turn of relay For example, if you set a delayed  turn off reley   1min so when the temperature reaches the set limit, the temperature controller starts to read for 1 minute then the relay switches OFF.

A7 relay off delay

d is hysteresis slewing range, return diference (hysteresis). It is a temperature difference if the thermostat does not have to activate the relay. in the principle of functioning hysteresis is explained in HC item

hysteresis gap or slewing range

Set goal temperature 

After have done this settings you can quick  touch four buton for exist from menu al changes is saved. Tempereture controller showing actual temperature .Now set goal temperature : quick touch SET butons and arows up and down Increase or decrease the temperature.

it is default temperature when you click to button SET ..LED light on.
it is default temperature when you click to button SET ..LED light on.

If you need help send mee  comment -I will try to help

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