Riddex is scam , do not buy this !!! my experiences

I’ll tell you the secret of this device is dangerous !!

I buy this device 2x from aliexpress 6 month a go, yesterday i plug device to wall plug 220V . he device was burnt down after two minutes. Second device also burned. My experiences wih device is bad ..bugs and mosquitoes not scaring , but good burn.

Here is my pictures of burned Riddex:






This device is dangerous for you home and not working , have good price 2.5 usd but it’s scrap.

1 thought on “Riddex is scam , do not buy this !!! my experiences”

  1. Bought two pcs for 1000 pesos. For a week of use, it appears no significant change on any bugs. Being a repairman and curiosity, I disassemblex one and inside shows only a cheap cheap power circuit and 3 led lights that was all. Wtf no circuit at all. No wonder it would not work. Be creful of what you are buying!!!

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